Vaping at Disneyland

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Taking your child / children to Disneyland is probably one of the best treats money can buy, and seeing their thrilled smiles and all that joy is one of the most rewarding feelings you can experience as a parent. However, if you decided to quit on your smoking habit and made the switch to vaping you might not be that delighted about the company’s new policy.

vaping at DisneylandA short while ago, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure posted clear signs and warnings at their gates advising visitor who are vaping. They can still use their vapes, but only in designated smoking areas. It appears that this policy has been enforced since 2013 according to Disney officials, but the parks decided to kick up their stance’s visibility as of a few weeks ago.

"In an effort to make our park rules clearer and more consistent at Disney Parks worldwide, we are making them easier for guests to find on our website and a selection of them will be available on signage at the parks’ entries," told Betsy Sanchez, a Disneyland Resort representative to the Orange County Register.

Disney’s new position concerning vaping is in line with other Southern California theme parks. Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm and Sea World have designated areas for electronic cigarette puffers and cigarette smokers. On the other hand, Legoland totally prohibits any kind of smoking.

Nevertheless, let’s analyze this situation for both points of view. Some people are very tolerant and generally agree that everyone is free to do whatever she or he desires, but having someone puffing nicotine infused vapor in your face can be quite annoying for some. Many times, since vaping is so similar to smoking and electronic cigarettes mimic the appearance of tobacco it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference.

We totally agree that vaping requires a certain etiquette and it’s always better to be discreet than showing off in public, but at the same time we can’t approve one thing. Switching to e-cigarettes but puffing on them in the same place where other people are smoking on tobacco defeats the whole purpose of these devices. From both psychological and physical points of view, vaping in the same place where smokers inhale and exhale burnt tobacco, gives people the idea that ecigs are as harmful to health as their tobacco counterparts.

Christian Tesoro, a 34-year-old from Anaheim Hills who owns SureFire Vapor in Los Angeles, believes he has a more clear view: Though it might seems e-cigarette users puff a cloud of smoke, it’s actually water vapor. ‘I think there’s still a lot of misunderstanding of what vape is,’ Tesoro said. ‘We’re not cigarette smokers. There’s no fire involved, and it’s not toxic. The difference is night and day.’

‘People are going to do it no matter what,’ Tesoro said. ‘It’s not like cigarettes. They’ll sneak a little puff, and the smoke will just evaporate in the air.’

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