The New V2 Pro Pods - Very Convenient pod system for V2 Vaporizers

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Image of V2 Pro Pods

V2 have recently launched one of their most innovative products. With the all new V2 Pro Pods you will be able to enjoy the brand's signature flavors in a simple and very affordable way. These really take the guesswork out of filling up an e-liquid cartridge and deliver a smooth, satisfying and very pleasant overall experience.

Refillable cartridges VS prefilled cartridges

Refillable tanks and cartridges have always been more convenient due to their lower cost on the long run. Pre-filled cartridges on the other hand are extremely easy to use, mess free and don't require any extra skills or vaping knowledge. You just slide them in and you're ready to vape.

Meet the V2 Pro Pods

What if somebody decided to combine the benefits of pre-filled cartridges with a more than affordable monthly cost? Meet the V2 Pro Pods, V2's most advanced pre-filled cartridges. These are compatible with vaporizers like the V2 Pro Series 3, V2 Pro Series 3X and even the mighty V2 Pro Series 7. They are available in four different flavors - V2 Red, V2 Menthol, Sahara, and Congress – and they you can get them in five different nicotine strengths.

V2 Pro Pods

What is a V2 Pro Pod?

V2 Pro Pods are identical in shape and size to the traditional refillable Series 3 / Series 3X cartridges and come with an integrated chip and magnetic connector. You simply slide them in your vaporizer and enjoy the same great flavor without getting your hands dirty from e-liquid. This is also a convenient way of swapping between flavors in a matter of seconds. Tired of tobacco? Just pop in the menthol pod and enjoy that calming breeze from the first puff. No more e-liquid residue to worry about and no more mixed up flavors.

V2 Pro Pods features

V2 Pro Pods are pre-filled cartridges with a total capacity of 1.5ml of e-liquid. The wicking is from ceramic material and use a metal heating wire for a smooth and consistent vape. Depending on the style of inhale, each of these pods can deliver anywhere from 350 – 450 puffs. For the moment only two nicotine concentrations are available for next day shipping: 1.2% and 1.8% - which is 12mg and 18mg. Other nicotine strengths – like 0%, 0.6%, and 2.4% will be available in the next months.

V2 Pro Pods compatibility

If you already own a V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer or a V2 Pro series 3X, the V2 Pro Pods are directly compatible with your device. You just slide them in and enjoy an affordable and innovative way to vape. V2 Pro Series 7 owners will have to buy the Series 7 Pro Pod adapter for only $4.99.

Buying pods in bulk is even more convenient

You can buy V2 Pro Pods in 3-packs for only $9.99. These are also available in 12-packs, 24-packs and 48-packs. The bigger the order, the bigger the discount you receive. From $0.74 for 100puffs you can go as lows as $0.62 for 100puffs, if you order in bulk. This is by far the most convenient and affordable way to vape e-liquids with a V2 Pro starter kit. Still not convinced?

Try them out for yourself

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