Types of ecigarettes explained

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E-cigarettes have been around for quite some time and newer brands or improved versions of old ones come out each month. In order to get your facts straight, you need to know what the main types are. Read below about types of e-cigarettes explained and decide which one will suit your own personal needs better.

According to their look, ecigs fall into three categories: cig-a-likes, mid-size and AVPs.

ecig typesCigarette-alikes are the first generation of ecigarettes and they resemble very much the look of analogs. They are still very popular among a certain category of vapers for which only these types bring out the satisfaction due to their similarity to the real smoking experience. Most of them are sold with cartomizers and they come in a large variety of flavors and nicotine content (0-24mg). Battery capacity ranges from 175-300mAh and they hold enough charge for a few hours of vapig.

Mid-size ecigs belong to the second generation and they basically resemble a pen. These are the most cost effective of all types. According to some users you might save up to 85% of you analog expense. They are usually heavier and bigger, with larger battery capacity (350-1100mAh) and offer a more customizable experience. They work with eliquid and they allow you to mix various flavors, nicotine strengths and Propylene glycol to Vegetable glycerin ratios until you find your favorite cocktail.

AVPs or Advanced Personal Vaporizers are the most recent types of ecigarettes and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are loved by ecigarette hobbyists and enthusiasts because they offer greater battery power (2000mAh) and variable settings. Variable voltage gives the user the ability to increase or decrease voltage output depending on the atomizer or cartomizer in use. Variable wattage devices actually measure the resistance of the atomizer or cartomizer and automatically vary the voltage to make a certain amount of power that is selected by the vaper.

According to the number of parts they usually come in two-part devices or three-part devices.

The principle of the ecigarette consists of three parts: the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge. In most of the new models the cartridge and atomizer are combined into a single part called the cartomizer. In recent years clearomizers have taken the place of cartomizers. These are transparent tanks with a tube in the middle. This allows you to see exactly how much eliquid you have and when it’s time to refill.

According to the battery mode there are automatic and manual ecigs.

The automatic types have an LED light at their ends that is automatically lit each time you inhale. Some people find this to be very convenient and classy, resembling the analogs. On the other hand, manual ecigs have a button you have to keep pressed each time you inhale, giving you more control over your vaping experience.

According to their reusability, ecigs are also grouped into a few categories:

- Disposable models – that still represent the best choice for social smokers, beginners or for travelers;

- Models with rechargeable battery but disposable cartomizers. They are usually sold in kits and offer the middle solution for the vaper.

Newer generation ecigs with rechargeable battery and refillable cartomizers. It is a model adored by heavy smokers and they don’t mind having to manually refill.

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