Top 5 Halloween e-liquids to enjoy this year

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It’s that time of the year again when the neighborhood kids come trick or treating and the spicy aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger surround every kitchen. A time to put aside the usual flavors from our vapes and try something with a holiday vibe. We made a list of the juices we found the most interesting and decided to share it. Here are the top 5 Halloween e-liquids from 2017 that will turn our beloved sub ohm tanks into spooky fog machines.

5. Grateful Red from Motley Brew

Motley Brew Grateful RedGrateful Red from Motley Brew is the type of e-juice that’s bound to bring back some sweet childhood memories. It tells the story about a delicious Granny Smith apple that has been coated in layers and layers of sticky caramel syrup. The flavor is richer and even more intense on sub ohm tanks like the Arco from Horizon Tech and we recommend to set your wattage between 35 - 55W for the best experience. It even has some cinnamon notes in the background that work so well with the apple and taffy.

4. Deep Fried Apple Pie from Vapori

Deep Fried Apple Pie e-liquidDeep Fried Apple Pie from Vapori is a flavor that has been released only a few months back but it has everything in order to become an absolute best-seller. It doesn't even matter if you are a fan of dessert flavors or not because this is absolutely brilliant. It’s a sweet and mildly tart apple vape on the inhale with a bit of cinnamon and the most delicious pie crust on the exhale. We recommend an RTA or a sub ohm tank to really enjoy this flavor because on mouth to lung devices you will just taste the apple.

3. Tan by Beard Vape

Beard Vape Tan e-liquid Tan by Beard Vape is another great e-liquid you should try this Halloween. It’s a perfectly infused chai latte blended with all sorts of spices. Cinnamon and clove are the most dominant but there are other notes in the background we can’t definitely put our fingers on. Works great on any autumn morning or day and the spices are not that potent. If you visit your local coffee shop on a regular basis and like to try everything in the menu, you are going to love this.

2. Pumpkin Cookie from Vaporfi

Pumpkin cookie ejuicePumpkin Cookie from Vaporfi will let you know it’s Halloween from the moment you take the first puff. And while this incredibly delicious sweet treat has more in common with a chai cookie than with a pumpkin cookie the flavor profile make it perfect for this holiday. A nice inhale of spice that’s tamed only by the crumbly crust you get on the inhale. We recommend you vape this one at around 25W on any sub ohm tank. It even works great on low output mouth to lung devices so you can use it to refill your pods.

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte from Vaporfi

Pumpkin Spice e-liquid Pumpkin Spice Latte from Vaporfi is our number one recommendation this season because you simply cannot have Halloween without some good old pumpkin spice. It provides the ultimate combination of cinnamon and milky sweet flavors and you don’t have to be a coffee lover to like it. It’s the ideal comfort vape to enjoy by the fireplace and it’s like reading a fairy tale you love. The cream and spice work together like a charm however the pumpkin notes are a bit more subtle and that’s why it takes a really good sub ohm tank or RDA to enjoy this e-liquid to the fullest.

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