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The number of vapers is increasing day by day and in the US alone, more than 2.5 million people are constantly puffing on their e-cigarettes. In addition, like in any community, vapers rally around some key influencers. Having who to turn to for advice, industry news and unbiased reviews is one of the biggest challenges for people getting making the switch to ecigs, since overly positive, overly negative and misleading information outnumber the genuine ones by a dramatic margin.

We are going to look at some of the most influential vapers in the US and the UK and learn about their stories.

person vapingJulia Barnes is an Assistant Editor for, an online magazine appealing the vaping community. After working with founder John Manzione for over 10 years, Julia was the first choice to separate the good from the bad in a style that appeals to both beginners and veteran vapers.

CJ, or mostly known as ‘Vaping Monkey’ is one of the most recognized faces from the VPLive Vape Team. He learned a lot after researching about e-cigarettes after receiving his first as a gift, and the more videos he watched, the more he became confident he could do similar reviews himself.

Steve K is a dedicated vaper who has experimented with more than his fair share of e-cigarettes and he is the man behind ‘Steve K’s Vaping World’. The site his place to share ideas and thoughts on different vaping devices, and as a result he is primarily renowned as a reviewer – covering everything from entry-level starter kits to mods and AVPs.

Dimitris Agrafiotis, or more commonly referred to as ‘VapinGreek’, is an ex-smoker whose love of technology inspired him to help others make the switch to electronic cigarettes. He is also part of the VPLive Vape Team, which features news, reviews and legislation updates relating the vaping comunity. Dimitris also has a video blog, which chronicles about his individual vaping experience.

Grimm Green is a metal-head and convinced vaper, constantly posting news, reviews, links and resources related to the e-cigarette industry on his site. After trying e-cigarettes and familiarizing himself with all types of devices, he started his own reviews out of pure zeal for the technology.

Dac Sprengel is the founder of and spokesperson for ECAA,an alliance of European vendors associations. He is also the co-founder and chairperson of the German e-cigarette vendors association, and the European spokesperson for the tobacco vapor electronic cigarette association, USA.

Chris Price is a former engineer ran the largest ecig forum in the world, ‘e-cigarette-forum’, for three years, before remaining a moderator with a special attention on ecigs technical, health and political issues.

Christopher Snowdon is a freelance journalist, who constantly blogs about e-cigarettes, and has been invited to radio shows where he has explored myths about vaping and defended the right to use these devices.

Katherine Devlin is the president of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Industry. Along with Tom Pruen, she has played a major role in creating the Industry Standard of Excellence, setting up a strict twice-yearly audit of member companies and in fighting government and EU attempts to ban the e-cigs.

David Dorn, former editor of a national computing magazine and an online editor at AOL,  founded Vapor Trails, a popular UK online show, along with Dave Kitson of The Happy Vaper. The show has over 22,000 subscribers from over 100 countries worldwide, with another 1000 using YouTube to catch up with Vapor Trail’s backlog of 800+ editions.

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