Symptoms of quitting smoking

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quit smoking Being a smoker for so many years and making the switch to ecigarettes will trigger a response from your body that is trying to adapt to your new lifestyle. It will go through some stages of cleaning itself and getting rid of all of those nasty tobacco residues. These responses are usually called symptoms of withdraw and while others may come and go over a period of days, some of them will be gone only after a few weeks or months. You have to remember that everyone is different and the way our body reacts depends on many factors.

The effects of nicotine withdrawal are compensated by using nicotine-containing cartridges for your ecigarette, but all the tar, carcinogens and other chemicals that have build up in your system for so many years will make some symptoms occur.

It is important to realize that your body is going through some changes and most of these symptoms will be gone in a few weeks. If you feel that they are getting worse as time goes by, please consult your doctor.

Mouth ulcers are one of the symptoms of quitting smoking. The ulcers or gum inflammation may begin a week or more after tobacco cessation. They normally clear up after a few days or weeks. Try to stay away from cinnamon flavored ecigarettes if this occurs, because they tend to worsen the problem.

Acne (“Quit Zits”) is another symptom that is related to smoking cessation and has no connection with ecigarette use. The bad news is that these skin eruptions could last for months and if they really bother you, then you might just want to pay a visit to your dermatologist.

If you experience headache, nausea or shakiness, you should know that these are more symptoms of nicotine withdrawal than of quitting smoking. Maybe you are using a low –nicotine concentration eliquid that can’t compensate for your heavy smoking so you might want to try with a higher concentration. Not to worry though, because these symptoms disappear within the first week.

Coughing, phlegm, congestion, sputum and throat clearing are definitely the symptoms of smoking cessation are the most common among quitters. This is just your body clearing

The lungs and airways from all the tar and mucus. Depending on how much you used to smoke, these symptoms could follow you from a few weeks to a few months. Try drinking a lot of water and clear your sinuses with medication.

Closely related to all the coughing and tissue regeneration, hoarseness is another symptom that you might experience for some time. The only remedy is to suck on throat lozenges and drink lots of water.

As your body is trying to clean itself, your immune system is on overdrive and you might find yourself being very sensitve to the common cold. Drink lots of water, have well balanced meals and take some vitamins to help your body in this moments.

Heartburn is a symptom of smoking cessation but also a side effect of too much nicotine. If you experience it often try reducing the nicotine concentration of your eliquid. If the problem persist you might just want to visit your doctor.

Improved sense of taste and smell. As your body begins clearying out all of the smoking residue you might realize that food tastes much better and your cologne feel more intense. You may also suddenly dislike your favorite flavor and enjoy flavors you found disgusting the first place.

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