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vaporfi edge Vaping products date back only about a decade or so, but during this brief period of time we have witnessed some dramatic changes, from technological breakthroughs and the constant improvement of devices to the radical change in their looks and functionality. It all started with the cig-a-like starter kits and vaping pens, and back then there were only a handful of vape brands which struggled for supremacy. But, with a few exceptions, from the very popular names back then, only a few managed to keep up with customer demand and all the trends throughout the vaping community.

Vaporfi (formerly known as VaporZone) is one of the exceptions and this company is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Vapor Group, Inc – the same corporation who owns brands like EverSmoke, South Beach Smoke, and Motley Brew. They were one of the first to notice consumer's preference towards personal vaporizers and e-liquids as opposed to cig-a-like starter kits and so they started to invest in the research and development of some of the most technologically advanced products back then.

And if you ask any vaping enthusiast if her or she ever heard about Vaporfi, they will probably first mention something related to the company's e-liquids. Vaporfi started manufacturing e-liquids a few years ago and slowly build a solid reputation as a key player in the field. They began with simple yet great tasting flavors and were probably one of the first companies to get their customers involved in the mixing process. In an online section called 'Custom Blends' the user had (and still have) the opportunity to mix one, two, or even three distinct flavors, add flavor shots to further enhance the aroma, and choose between VG/PG mixtures. This resulted in around 30,000 possible mixes and the opportunity for the users to create their own signature blends. I remember combining Fresh Mint, Havana Rum, and Island Pineapple to create my very own Pina Colada, which tasted so awesome.

However, Vaporfi didn't stop only on e-liquids. They quickly upgraded their line of personal vaporizers, started kits and mods and even added some new stuff to the collection like an e-hookah and a dry herb vaporizer. Nowadays the company offers a generous line of products, from eGo style starter kits to the most advanced box mods and regardless if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced vaper, chances are you'll find something on their website to suit your vaping needs. The company even sells an old school, cig-a-like model called the 'Express Starter Kit' which includes two batteries shaped like an analog cigarette, a USB charger and a wall adapter. These work well with the selection of clearomizers and they are probably intended for the ladies.

If you are a fan of eGo style vape pens, then you're in luck because on the Vaporfi website you can find around five such models and even a custom configurator to create your own kit from a wide selection of batteries and tanks. The Pro II Starter Kit, the Rocket Starter Kit, and the Platinum Pro II kit are clearly intended for beginners and intermediate vapers, while mode advanced kits like the Vice and the Edge, with their sub ohm capabilities and big batteries are aimed at intermediate and veteran vapers.

On the other hand, if you fancy compact box mods then Vaporfi has two reasonably powerful devices that also come as kits. The VOX Mini can reach 40W and is powered by an internal battery, while the VOX II can reach 50W and is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery. Users can also choose between a variety of sub ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers like the Volt Hybrid Tank, the Vice Tank, the Edge TC Tank, or the Bolt RDA.

If you're a fan of vaporizing loose leaf tobacco or other types of herbal mixtures, then on the company's website you can also find two dry herb vaporizers that are suited for both beginners and intermediate users alike. It doesn't matter if you choose the Orbit or the Stratus, you'll always benefit from the same great performance. Also, if you like to party and spend time with your friends, you can delight yourself with the Boom Vapor Hookah Starter Kit, a great and unique way to explore the mysterious world of the e-hookahs alongside some incredible flavors.

And while some of the devices might seem pricey at first, you do get what you're paying for and the company includes a 30 day money back guarantee and a 90 warranty for all products. You can benefit from big discounts on their website and you can also check our 'discounts and specials' category for a coupon that will help you save even more money on your order.

I've personally tested and reviewed several of Vaporfi's products and I was always impressed with the build quality and performance. But don't take my word for it, give them a try and let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

Posted by Dave Allan

Former pack-a-day smoker, I discovered electronic cigarettes back in 2011. Since then vaping has slowly turned into my hobby and my full time job. I’ve tested hundreds of e-cigarettes and mods across the years and constantly used my knowledge and experience to help others make the switch. I’m passionate about technology, I enjoy reading and I love big flavorful clouds.


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