A short history of the atomizer (III)

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Clearomizers also derived from cartomizers, but these devices were totally transparent hence the term ‘clear’-o-mizer. The thing that set these gizmos aside was the fact that the heating element was located at the top and the internal wicking was different. They could hold a lot more e-liquid than cartomizers and they could be refilled in an instant. And while they hit the market at roughly about the same time as cartomizer tanks, they also had a massive success with vapers all over the world and they managed to create a different type of revolution that was responsible for some of today’s most successful designs.

RDA without drip tipA variation of the clearomizer was the bottom coil version, which managed to solve some of the problems of the initial design, and also had a lot of success inside the vaping community. This variation later transformed into the use of dual coils and gave birth to ‘BDC’ designs that are extremely popular today.

The only problem these clearomizer faced is that when you use them with thicker e-liquids they sometimes fail to wick properly giving some harsh dry hits from time to time.

Rebuildable atomizers evolved as a separate trend that appealed more to vaping enthusiasts and DIY lovers and it gave them far better control over the whole vaping process. These rebuildable atomizers can be grouped in two distinctive designs – rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) and rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) or drippers. As opposed to regular designs that involved replacing the atomizers once they underperformed, these new devices gave the users the ability to build their own coils and besides saving on costs on the long run they delivered a far superior quantity of vapor, paired with a stronger flavor and a better throat hit.

These devices are constructed usually from stainless steel and are very durable. They can least for years and building the coils is not that hard once you start to get the hang of it. By building their own coils, vapers had the opportunity to experiment with sub-ohm configurations and managed to puff at resistances of 0.4 to even 0.2 Ohms. This delivered huge clouds of vaper and later on became a niche of the vaping community called ‘cloud chasing’.

With so many devices on the market, some vapers wanted the best of both worlds, and this encouraged the design of hybrid clearomizers. A hybrid clearomizers gives the same performance as a rebuildable but without having to address all the hassle of building coils at home.

The hybrid has the same principle as a modern clearomizer but is fitted with a replaceable atomizer head that can easily be disposed once it starts underperforming. This tank can also go sub-ohm with atomizer heads having a resistance of 0.5Ohms.

The truth is that the evolution of atomizers has really shaped the whole vaping industry we have today and without the innovations made in the field, surely e-cigarettes wouldn’t have been this popular.

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