A short history of the atomizer (II)

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Cartomizers came second in line and they addressed most of the issues of the original atomizers. By combining the atomizer and cartridge into a single unit, manufacturers managed to put more e-liquid inside and managed to increase the autonomy of e-cigarettes since they now didn’t require anymore dripping. A bit taller than an original atomizer, the cartomizer had the filling material stuffed inside but in a rather different array.

atomizer tank This gave birth to the two-piece cig-a-like design, that we still see today and really boasted the e-cigarette’s appeal to the millions of world-wide smokers that wanted to quit. With only the cartomizer having to screw onto the battery, these devices were very simple to use and many companies became specialized into selling this model alone even today.

But at the same time, these cartomizers didn’t last very long, and depending on use, they could withstand anywhere from three days to a week of vaping. But the inventive vapers came out with options for putting even more e-juice in the cartomizer, one of the methods being called the ‘condom method’. This involves using the silicone rubber the carto comes wrapped in and filling it with e-liquid then pressing the unit back in. This ensures all the polyfill becomes saturated with e-juice and also eliminates the need for priming.

Cartomizer tanks didn’t come as the next types of cartomizers, but rather more as an improvement. They featured a big reservoir (tank) surround a cartomizer to hold several ml of e-liquid. This gave a far better autonomy to vapers and the only thing they had to do was recharge their battery on a daily basis. The cartomizer had a hole drilled in right at the bottom which ensured a steady flow of e-liquid going to the polyfill and keeping it saturated. Through the use of natural physical phenomenon called suction, as the e-juice gets vaporized by the atomizer, more of it gets into the polyfill because of the vacuum. The device could be refilled and the use of O-rings made it possible to get rid of most leakages.

An improvement to the regular cartomizer tank featured the use of dual coils, which gave a far better vapor production and revolutionized a great part of the e-cigarette market we see today. This device became extremely popular and still resides at the turning point of the creation to many tanks we use nowadays.

The most common problem with the cartomizer tank was the fact that it had wicking issues when used with thick e-liquids. Besides this, the use of low quality O-rings made it easily for it to slip from the original position.

.. to be continued ..

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