RY4 – one of the most adored eLiquids on the market

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Image of RY4 – one of the most adored eLiquids on the market

Amongst vapers it is considered one of the most legendary flavors ever and it has built quite the name for itself. Like a mythical legend, with its foggy history & hundreds of variations, there are even some rumors of a delusional chemist hiding out in a cave somewhere in the mountains of China with a stolen recipe of the 'real RY4' and being so enchanted by the aroma that he wouldn’t let go of it from his hand even when facing near death.

caramel eliquid flavor Ruyan blend #4 E-Liquid was originally made by Chang Ning Dekang Biological Technology Co. for Ruyan Group Limited. The blend name 'Ruyan' is commonly shortened to just RY, with the blend number being placed straight after it, thus 'Ruyan blend #4' becomes just RY4.

There are four flavors in the RY repertoire, namely:

  • RY1: very subtle blend of tobacco aromas
  • RY2: raw, dry tobacco, with no sweet aftertaste
  • RY3: exceptional mix of tobaccos, with an indescribable sweet taste
  • RY4: tobacco blend with the hits of caramel and vanilla

Therefore, in order to be classed as RY4, any eLiquid must incorporate a tobacco base (usually mild and understated, but occasionally stronger and more up front), caramel, and vanilla. The magic lays in the quality of the ingredients and how they are blended. Some RY4s are very bright, almost effervescent, with a pronounced and sparkling high end while others are darker and deeper, with the bass notes being more predominant.

This e-juice offers a soothing and subtle aroma mixed with high quality vapor. The smell of the liquid is extremely light, but does have much more of a tobacco vibe to it. As far as the taste is concerned however, it would rather be defined as a caramel and vanilla blend with the trends of tobacco rather than the other way around. However, as the liquid almost runs out, it has a much stronger tobacco strength than at the beginning.

But as more and more brands come up with their own version of this elixir, it’s very probable that the experience will vary from eLiquid to eLiquid. Nevertheless, it does have a sweet side to it and if you generally like these kinds of aromas you should definitely give it a try.

Halo sells its own version of RY4 eLiquid called ‘Tribeca’ and it’s available in 7ml bottles for $5.99 or in the 30ml version for $19.99. It comes in 5 nicotine strengths.

Apollo is another brand that sells its version of RY4 packed in 5, 10 or 30ml bottles along with five nicotine levels to choose from.

Vapor King has a version of RY4 in its eLiquids section and it comes in 10ml bottles and it comes in three nicotine strengths.

Bloog sells its RY4 version in 30ml bottles, in 6 available nicotine levels and for the price of $12.75.

These are just some of the brands but you can find this elixir from tens of other producers, that will really spoil your taste buds.

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