Our Review On The Innokin iTaste Disrupter

Innokin iTaste Disrupter

We’ve all started to love box mods, and only a handful of advanced personal vaporizers released on the market today come in different shapes like tubes or other intricate designs. But many of the older generation mods suffered from symptoms of battery failure after two or three years of use, and this is probably going to happen to the wide majority of devices we buy today, because most of them come with a built-in cell that cannot be replaced when it dies out. However, today I have something revolutionary to show you guys and it comes from one of the biggest companies in the ecig industry. The iTaste Disrupter is one of Innokin’s latest products to hit the market and there’s something about it that’s going to make history.

iTaste Disrupter various battery colorsOn first glance it looks like your average regulated box mod, but in fact it’s principle of dealing with the battery is completely revolutionary. It comes in a variety of colors, and if you have the black version you’re probably not going to spot the vertical seam on the middle straight away, however this becomes pretty obvious on the silver or gold models. Rather than working with a built-in battery or with an external 18650 battery like all the other mods, the iTaste Disrupter has a replaceable rectangular sized cell attached to it that serves both functionality and deign purposes. It works with a single unit of Innokin’s brand new ‘InnoCell’ batteries, which you can buy in a range of colors and swap once they are depleted, this way making sure your mod is going to remain functional for years.

You can look at the iTaste Disrupter as a modular regulated mod with the electronics module in one hand and the power module in the other. Once you snap them in place they work as a whole and the results are fantastic. The two even come packed separately and inside the box you are going to get one Disrupter mod, one InnoCell battery, a micro-USB charging cable, and a user’s manual. The mod and the battery snap in place perfectly thanks to the innovative ‘Slide n’ Lock System’, with the Disruptor having two connection pins at the bottom and a magnet at the top, and the battery having two matching slots for those pins. The sliding rail mechanism feels very durable and you can get up to seven color combination with just one of the mods.

And if you wonder why it’s not easier to go for a regular 18650 solution, these InnoCell batteries have been engineered to perfection and they provide a much more powerful, safer and long lasting alternative. They can keep the 2,000mAh capacity for over 300 recharge cycles and they have a continuous discharge rage of 20A. They can be recharged separately and thy even have come with a LED indicator light to show the charge status.

On the top of the iTaste Disrupter we have the spring loaded stainless steel threaded 510 connector (gold plated pin), and going down on the iTaste Disrupter full kitmain side we have the firing button, the smaller adjustment  buttons, and the OLED display. The buttons are very clicky and responsive and according to Innokin they are designed in Japan and thoroughly tested to withstand at least 100,000 clicks each.

The mod itself is a variable voltage / variable wattage device and it can go from 3.0V-7.5V or from 6.0W-50W, depending to your vaping preferences. It can fire as low as 0.2 Ohms, so you won’t have any problems even with the most recently released sub-ohm tanks. And speaking about the tanks, the iTaste Disrupter looks amazing with any 22mm tank on top of it but an iSub in matching color or a stainless steel covered one do make an incredible first impression.

Vape-wise, this box mod delivers a massive punch and it performers flawlessly. Vapor production is tremendous especially with a sub-ohm tank or RDA (the micro-USB port is located on the back and it can sit upright while charging – and also it’s a pass-through) and everything about it (from the splendid metallic finish to the quality of materials) feels great. A big thumbs up for Innokin for coming up with such a revolutionary and safer way of vaping!