Our Review On The Innokin Cool Fire 4

Innokin Cool Fire 4

Over the years we did see some fancy looking vapes but none of them as beautiful and as stealthy as the new Cool Fire 4 from Innokin. The Cool Fire line of products is one of the most intriguing because the general aspect tends to vary a lot from model to model. The first was a tube, the second was a hand grenade and now the fourth is a box mod, and all of this without even knowing why they skipped the 3rd version (probably bad luck or something). And even though the first two models worked great without any major issues, their latest version is a total success. It appeals to both male and female vapers and it’s by far one of the sexiest vapes to end up on our desk. And I’m talking now about the mid-range models not those over $180, hand crafted, jewels.

Cool Fire 4 mod contents We received the Cool Fire 4 in both green and blue and right from the start we were impressed with the colors and the general finish. It’s some sort of brushed aluminum that’s shiny and elegant but sturdy and resistant at the same time. Another thing about this mod is that it’s very compact and manages to fit my hands perfectly – which makes it super stealthy as well.

This beautiful vape tool comes packed in an a transparent acrylic box and inside you are going to find the Cool Fire 4, a user’s manual, a charging cable, two stickers and an 510 to eGo adapter (which I believe is great for the ladies who are used to vaping from Mini Aerotanks or Protanks). The first thing you are going to notice about this particular mod is its sexy form factor, it being very thin on one side and rounded at the other – a bit similar to the KBox but more ergonomic. Also, the finish is unbelievably good, with a combination of textures from the grains of metal and an overall smoothness that feels so great in the hand. To be honest we were expecting this mod to sell for around $80 not below $50 as we noticed in some online shops.

On the top side there’s the 510 connector with a spring loaded positive pin and good quality stainless steel threading surrounding it. On the Cool Fire 4 bottom view thin side you are going to spot the firing button (backlit – green, yellow, red depending on the battery), the OLED screen, the adjustment buttons and the charging port. And then, on the base we’ve spotted something unique to mods these days – and on / off switch that you can easily reach with your fingernail. Another thing I absolutely love are the vent holes from the battery which to me look like the grills on a sports car.

The Cool Fire 4 is powered by an internal 2000mAh battery and it’s capable of both variable voltage and variable wattage. In variable voltage mode it goes from 3.0V – 7.5V, while in variable wattage from 6W all the way up to 40W. So, these 40W are just in between many of the products this bad boy is going to compete with and in my opinion it has the advantage of a great finish build quality. The minimum resistance you can use with it is 0.3 Ohms and this means the options are limitless, especially if you already have (or plan on buying) on the sub ohm tanks. And by the way, Innokin has a great alternative, the iSub Tank, which is one of the cheapest and most powerful models we’ve tested (or the iSub G, which comes with Pyrex glass walls).

Cool Fire 4 blueIn terms of performance, it can fill up you room with vapor in a matter of seconds. Flavor is good, the clouds are awesome and everything about it is flawless. It’s surely going to become the company’s new best-selling mod in 2015.  We have used it with both the iSub and the Lemo and they fit flush and without any issues. The battery can last from 1 to 2-3 days depending on your style of vaping but it recharges easily in just around 2h. It comes with VRMS power regulation and it’s super responsive and capable. For us it has been a revelation and we use it on a daily basis.