BLU Pro Ecig kit full review

BLU Pro Ecig

To be honest we haven’t used an eGo style vape pen in quite some time. However with the new and improved BLU Pro e-cig the experience is certainly worth it. It’s a small and very portable vaporizer that works with e-liquid and is excellent for beginners. Unlike old school eGo devices, this one is easy to refill, easy to charge and has good vapor production.


The BLU Pro ecig comes packed in a very nice gift box and inside you will find the battery, clearomizer, charging cable and a 10ml bottle of tobacco flavored e-liquid. Right from the start you can tell this is no ordinary eGo because the charger features a micro-USB plug. Also the finish is top quality and the fire button has a really nice feedback.


The battery has a total capacity of 1100mAh and while this doesn’t sound like much in 2017, it’s more than enough for a day at the office. It features an LED notification light at the base and this will show you when it’s time to recharge. The whole process takes little under 3h and it’s a good idea to plug it in once you get home. The charging port is conveniently placed on the side and this makes it so easy. On older eGo batteries you had to remove the clearomizer before charging and it was quite a pain.

Blu Pro w packagingAnother cool feature of the BLU Pro ecig is top fill. You simply unscrew the mouthpiece and pour the e-liquid with the provided unicorn bottle. A max indicator line shows where you have to stop and from there is a matter of plug and vape. Also the battery has a cut-off interval of 10 seconds to prevent the atomizer from overheating.

A full clearomizer delivers around 300 puffs and you can refill it up to 10 times. After that you need to buy them from BLU website and these go for around $10.99 apiece. Not the cheapest out there, but highly convenient and so easy to use. We didn’t experience any leaks nor burnt taste and it’s recommended to use juices with a maximum VG content of 60%.


In terms of performance the BLU Pro ecig is more than decent and the overall experience is pretty good. Don’t expect big clouds, but the vapor is smooth, flavorful and with a nice throat hit. This kit is ideal for beginners trying to stay off combustible cigarettes and is very user friendly. And if you get tired of their tobacco flavor, we definitely recommend trying the Cherry e-liquid. It’s delicious and probably our favorite from the whole line.