Our Review On Zamplebox e-liquids

Zamplebox e-liquids

Buying e-liquid is part of being a vaper and we all do this on a regular basis. However, some ejuice brands are way pricier than others and purchasing three $22 bottles is not something everyone can afford at the end of the month. But what if I told you there is a way to sample new and delicious e-liquids monthly, at only a fraction of the retail cost? Meet Zamplebox, a very popular subscription based delivery system which can help you expand your palate and find your next favorite e-juice without spending hundreds of dollars on sample packs.

Zamplebox e-liquidsZamplebox works by creating an individual e-liquid profile for each user and then sending products that match that profile. So when creating your account and placing your first order you’re asked to choose the flavors that you don’t want inside your Zamplebox (as many as you like, on a tag based system) and then the flavors that you like to vape on (similar tag based system). Then you are asked to enter the nicotine concentration (for all of the e-liquid) and you can also choose if you want ‘high VG’ when available (although I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re only using powerful sub ohm tanks and RDAs).

Once your ejuice profile is created you have three subscription options for your Zamplebox. Silver costs $19.99 and includes three bottles of premium e-liquid (a total quantity of 30-50ml); Gold costs $24.99 and includes six bottles of premium e-liquid (a total quantity of 60-100ml); and finally Platinum costs $44.99 and includes eleven bottles of e-liquid (with a total quantity of 120-180ml). Depending on the type of subscription, you can get anywhere from 40-65% off the retail price and the guarantee of fresh e-liquids, which match your favorite flavors, delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

Your Zamplebox is essentially a white and green cardboard box, and inside you’ll find the e-liquid bottles carefully packed in layers of foam. You get a brochure that’s very similar to a fancy restaurant menu which gives information about the juices inside the box and the total retail value of the products. You also get a nice sticker and a top three rating system which you can photograph and post online. With Zamplebox you don’t just bring the vaping shop to your home, but you also join a big worldwide community of tens of thousands of active members. You can discover new flavors, make friends and enjoy the mystery & discovery thrill every single month.Zamplebox e-liquids lineup

And unlike many other subscription services that get you hooked and take your money every 30 days, with Zamplebox you can always skip a month (or as many as you like) if you didn’t get to finish your e-liquids and you can cancel at any time. You can also update your flavor profile and if you have any problems, their customer support is one of the best. One last thing that’s worth mentioning is that they do offer international shipping but you need to check out their website because some countries forbid nicotine e-juice.