Our Review On Space Jam E-liquids

Space Jam E-liquids

Good e-liquids are not that hard to find nowadays, however Space Jam is among the best and I’m not the only one saying it, you are too, by the thousands of positive reviews and constant ‘out of stock’ signs on mane vape shops’ shelves. Space Jam e-liquids was established in 2012 in a market that was in need of something premium and they soon started to build a very strong reputation in the whole vaping community.

Space Jam e-liquids lineupThe company is located in Southern California and this is where they have their state of the art, ISO and GMP certified lab for e-liquid production and development. From what we know all of their flavors are Acetyl Propionyl and Diacetyl free and handcrafted for a unique taste and great vapor production. These e-juices come sealed in glass bottles fitted with droppers and they are available in both 15 and 30ml varieties. Depending on the type of flavor, the VG/PG ratio can vary between 50/50 all the way up to 70/30.

Space Jam e-liquids consist at the moment of eight unique flavors, all of them named after different Space themed nouns. All of the e-juices are either fruity or dessert blends and each one of them is a true masterpiece. And because these are premium liquids, the price tag is also in the over $20 range per 30ml bottle, but the experience is totally worth it. You also get five different nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and a maximum of 18mg.

Among the eight names in the list, there’s one of them that really stands out and is probably the most popular from the whole line of products. Space Jam Astro is a strange but wonderful combination between ripe Granny Smith apples and strawberries and a true delight for your taste buds. The flavor is super smooth and so realistic that it’s like taking a bit from some fresh crisp apples and strawberries. If you’ve tried a few apple e-liquids before you probably know that they tend to resemble the juice more, but this one actually feels like the real freshly picked Granny Smiths.

Another great product form the Space Jam e-liquids line is Andromeda, a superb mix of sweet and tangy blueberries with a bit of exotic Starship e-liquid from Space Jampomegranate. The two flavors complement each other perfectly and neither one is overpowering or artificial. It’s one of the best all day vapes I tasted as a reviewer and I can’t get enough of it. It’s incredible how the guys at Space Jam managed to put together two fruity flavors that have nothing in common and end up with such a winner.

But Space Jam e-liquids doesn’t have only pure fruity elixirs, and Omega is one of the exceptions. We have an excellent blend of spices mixed together with some ripe peaches and everything topped with delicious sweet cream. And to my surprise, this e-juice can also make a perfect all day vape, despite the fact that it has that sweet cream vibe. I’m not usually a fan of sweet creams but this one really is an excellent combinations, especially with those spices which I believe are cinnamon and clove (maybe? I’m not 100% sure).

I read a lot of positive reviews on Space Jam and now I understand why. These juices have been crafted to perfection, carefully tuned and steeped for the most amazing combination between clouds and flavor. Try them and I bet you won’t be disappointed. For best results in terms of flavor I do recommend a dripper!