Our Review On Mad Hatter E-Juices

Mad Hatter E-Juices

If you’re constantly craving for something sweet but need to watch out for calories, Mad Hatter E-Juices are the perfect treats whether if it’s early in the morning or way past midnight. This is one very popular American eliquid company that started with only one flavor and eventually managed to reach a total of three highly appreciated products. All of their stuff comes with an awesome presentation and you can really tell they have invested a lot in the marketing of these vape treats.

Mad Hatter E-Juices donuts flavorMad Hatter E-Juices come packed in glass bottles fitted with dropper caps and they are available in four different nicotine concentrations: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. And while they usually come in a 60/40 VG/PG ratio these e-liquids are responsible for some of the biggest and sweetest clouds I’ve experienced so far.

I’m going to start the review with I Love Donuts, their first e-liquid and still the best seller of the entire line. It comes packed in a pink cardboard package with purple writing and it looks very similar to a miniature doughnut box. You even get that grease proof paper wrapped around the bottle as you take it out and the smell is so incredible.

This juice has by far the best and most realistic glazed donut taste I’ve tried and it works so great with the sweet-tartness of the blueberries. The flavor is more intense on the exhale, but if you close your eyes for a second it feels just like you’ve taken a bite from a freshly bought doughnut. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet and it’s definitely one of my favorite treats out there. For me it’s not something I would vape all day, but it goes great in the afternoon or as a midnight snack.

Next in line we have I love Cookies, another sweet treat that comes in an oven shaped cardboard box. It’s marketed as a mixture of various cookies and the smell puts a nice big smile on your face in an instant. And just like in the case of doughnuts, Mad Hatter E-Juices have done it again and managed to recreate a sweet bakery flavor that’s highly addictive. Seriously, I can actually taste the crispy on the outside / gooey¬† on the inside cookies that are drizzled with thick caramel sauce. There are also some fresh notes of sweet strawberry on the exhale and everything works together just perfectly.Mad Hatter E-Juices peach taffy

Last but not least there’s the new addition to their line, a sticky and fruity dessert called I Love Taffy. And to be honest, judging by the name and the presentation I expected to taste some sort of candy, however the flavor has more to do with caramelized peaches and cream. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful flavor but I expected it to be more on the candy side. It’s not as sweet as the first two and it’s definitely my all day vape from the line because I never get tired of this intense fruity/creamy taste.

I would recommend a sub ohm tank, an RTA or an RDA to experience the full extent of these delicious flavors from Mad Hatter E-Juices.