Our Review On Halcyon Vapors E-liquids

Halcyon Vapors E-liquids

I was so excited when I received some of this month’s vape mail because inside one of the boxes were seven bottles of e-juice I hadn’t tried before. I did hear about Halcyon Vapors E-liquids in the past but this was the first time I actually got to test their flavors and I have to tell you right from the start they are super delicious, especially if you love fruity vapes.

Halcyon Vapors e-liquids lineupHalcyon Vapors are an US e-juice manufacturer that slowly managed to become quite popular in the last years and I just had to check out what the buzz was all about. They boast a line of seven different e-liquids which come packed in 30ml glass bottles fitted with dropper caps and you have five different nicotine strengths to choose from: (0, 3, 6, 12, and 18mg). The VG/PG ratio used with every one of these e-liquids is 70/30 so perfect for any clearomizer, tank or RDA.

If other ejuice brands tend to focus mainly on bakery products, sweets and desserts, all of Halcyon Vapors e-liquids are focused on spectacular fruit combinations which feel both natural and very refreshing. These are probably some of the most intense fruity flavors I’ve tried so far and I find it so hard to pick a favorite.

I’m going to start with Grape Gatsby, one of the most interesting and refreshing juices I had in my life and I’m sure I have a thing for it due to that juicy, sweet, ripe grape flavor which is so hard to find in an e-liquid. I don’t know exactly how Halcyon Vapors managed to replicate the exact aroma of grapes I used to enjoy at my grandparents’ farm but the end result is spectacular. The cooling menthol on the exhale is like a summer breeze and the two flavors go together so nicely. This is one of my favorite all day vapes and it’s something I definitely recommend if you like natural grape flavors or fruity and menthol combinations.Halcyon Vapors Dragon Chi flavor

Next in line I have Tango Down, another spectacular fruity vape this time with more of a citrusy / berry flavor it that’s also refreshing and quite inspiring. It’s a mix that clearly reminds me of Sunny D and it makes an awesome all day vape. We have a blend of ripe and juicy tangerines that are combined with a splash or raspberry nectar for a very intense, sweet and tangy flavor that’s not overpowering and that makes you go through the whole bottle in no time.

Apach’I is another ejuice I truly love from Halcyon Vapors and it’s a mix of juicy peaches and apricots with a slight lychee undertone to it. It’s a very light fruity vape and the lychee gives it a unique character, just like it does to the other mixes in this line like Cran Ch’i (where cranberries are in the spotlight) and Dragon Ch’i (where it’s combined with the exotic dragon fruit).

Other flavor profiles include baked pears with agave nectar (Parallax) and candy, apples and citrus soda (Nombombz), so if you’re craving for some delicious fruity clouds, do check out Halcyon Vapors!