Our Review On Cloud V E-juices

Cloud V E-juices

Today it’s going to be all about fruity desserts because I have a brand new line of e-liquids I want to talk about and man they are delicious. From caramel butterscotch to pomegranate and acai berry get ready to have your taste buds hypnotized because we’re about to dive right into some pretty awesome Cloud V E-juices.

Cloud V E-juice Cloud ParadiseCloud V E-juices consist of five different flavors (all of which sweet and lovely) and they come packed in 20ml glass bottles fitted with dropper caps. They have a VG/PG concentration of 70/30 and they are available in four different nicotine strengths (0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 11mg). One more cool thing about these juices is that they only sell for $11.99 per bottle, which is pretty neat considering they are premium e-liquids.

All of the flavors have the word ‘Cloud’ in their name and they smell incredible right out of the bottle but let’s start with my personal favorite. It’s called Cloud Breeze and it’s basically fruits mixed with caramel and a hint of mint. The name Breeze is probably from the coolness of the mint and it really creates a nice balance between the ‘heavy’ sweetness of the honey and caramel and the fresh and fruity melon flavor. It’s like a creamy inhale and a fruity and minty exhale in the same puff and I absolutely enjoy it.

Second on my list is Cloud Punch, which to me tastes like a very refreshing summer fruit salad. You can definitely feel the berries inside this one, both tart and sweet, especially on the exhale. I have to admit I only recognized the strawberries when I first tried all of Cloud V E-juices, but as you read the flavor profile you do realize that other thing on the background is probably the pomegranate. All in all, it’s a very fruity and delicious taste that I could vape on all day long.Cloud V E-juice Cloud Dream

Next we have Cloud Candy, another sticky and fruity e-liquid that reminds me of a cake my mom used to make when I was little. You can definitely taste the mango and caramel in this one with some subtle hints of brandy and a very light banana on the exhale. For me this is the kind of juice I mostly love in my RDA because two of the tanks I tried kind of muted some of the flavors.

Another smooth and creamy addition to the line is Cloud Paradise, where clearly the pineapple is the star of the show. It’s mixed together with some berries and vanilla for some very flavorsome puffs. To me this is the kind of e-liquid I love in the morning next to my cup of coffee.

Last but not least we have Cloud Dream, which has an amazing butterscotch flavor. You do notice other elements when vaping on this dessert but I’m sure you won’t realize it’s aged wine or snake fruit because I was totally surprised when I went over the description.

As a small conclusion, my experience with Cloud V E-juices has been a very pleasant one and I do hope they add more mixes to their line. 70/30 hits the spot perfectly on any atomizer or tank so they made it just right.