Our Review On The VaporFi vSix Tank

VaporFi vSix Tank

If you’re looking for a well built and very durable sub ohm tank then I have something for you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you vape. Despite the invention of vape bands, people who work in tough environments or who are constantly on the run are still dropping their mods and tanks from time to time and the Pyrex glass doesn’t deal to well with mechanical shocks. This is why you need a solid performer, a tank that can be easily refilled without getting your hands dirty and which can hold a huge capacity of e-liquid.

The VaporFi vSix Tank was engineered for high performance and it can withstand the most demanding of tastes. It’s one of the company’s most sturdy sub ohm tanks and it sells for only $59.99. If you check out our discounts and specials section you’re most likely to find a coupon for an even better deal on this particular product so the final price will probably be less.

The VaporFi vSix Tank comes packed in the usual white and green cardboard box and inside you are going to find, besides the fully assembled item, two extra coil heads and a user’s manual. The tank comes fitted with 0.5 Ohm atomizer head and the extra ones are rated at 0.25 Ohms and 0.25 Ohms Ni200. The Nickel coil is easy to spot due to the green bands surrounding it and this should only be used when mounting the tank on top a temperature control mod. It’s considered to be dangerous to use Nickel coils in regular variable wattage mode because there’s no control over the vaping temperature and they might give off potentially harmful byproducts.

However, you can use the regular 0.5 Ohm and 0.25 Ohm coils with any device and the experience will be more than enjoyable. This tank can produce massive amounts of vapor, especially with the 0.25 Ohm coils and you can buy spares in packs of five for around $30. Each one of these coils can last anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks depending on your vaping habits and replacing them is very easy.

The tank is made from high quality and very solid stainless steel and it has two windows for checking out the level of e-liquid inside. It comes in two colors – black or silver – and the 510 connector protrudes enough to make it compatible with even some fixed pin mods. It has a total capacity of 6ml of e-juice and the thing I love the most about this model is its top filling mechanism. You simply unscrew the top cap and you’re left with two fill holes through which to pour the e-liquid; once you’re done you need to assemble the tank back together and make sure you tighten the top cap properly (the vacuum created seals the juice inside and you won’t have any leaking). The Tank has an adjustable airflow mechanism in the bottom ring and the atomizer heads come with adjustable juice holes to match the VG concentration of your e-liquid.

My experience with the VaporFi vSix Tank was more than pleasant and I didn’t encounter any sort of issue with this product. The build quality and materials used are clearly top of the line and you can use it in regular variable wattage mode as well as in temperature control mode. It produces massive clouds and if you feel the vapor is getting too hot for your lips you can swap the provided drip tip with one made from a different material.