Our Review On The VaporFi vShock Tank

VaporFi vShock Tank

Engineered to be used with both regular variable wattage as well as temperature control mods, the VaporFi vShock Tank is one of the most technologically advanced sub ohm devices and at the same time very stylish and well built. It’s a perfect match for the company’s brand new VOX 100 TC mod but it can also work well with the Edge battery, the regular VOX or the VOX mini. And because of its 22mm diameter you can also use it with any mechanical or regulated mod out there, regardless if it has a temperature control feature or not.

VaporFi vShock Tank silverThe VaporFi vShock Tank comes packed in a green and white cardboard box and inside you will find the fully assembled unit fitted with a 0.6 Ohm atomizer head, a spare 0.2 Ohm atomizer head, a spare Ni200 0.15 Ohm atomizer head, a replacement Pyrex glass tube, a user’s manual and two pairs of spare O-rings (four of each color). The product is built from high quality stainless steel, feels very durable and the top cap is shaped as a heat sink to help cool down the vapor.

I really like the whole design of this tank and the fact that is comes with a Pyrex drip tip. You can also use any type of standard drip tip (ceramic, Delrin, or stainless steel) with it because it’s 510 compatible. It has a total capacity of 5ml of e-liquid and the whole refilling process takes only a few seconds. The tank comes with an adjustable airflow mechanism (very big slots) and at its widest setting is as airy as a Subtank Mini.

When it comes to coils, the VaporFi vShock Tank has some pretty interestingly designed atomizer heads, with huge rectangular juice feeding holes to work great with those high vg e-liquids. I’ve used with 90% VG and didn’t experience any dry hits, not even while chain vaping for a few seconds. I’m not sure how these atomizer heads would handle a 50/50 VPG e-liquid especially when it’s hot outside without leaking but I promise to test this in the near future because I don’t have any thin e-juices at the office at the moment. However, for the regular 70/30 ratio it works like a charm.VaporFi vShock coil

Since vaping on resistances like 0.6 and 0.2 Ohms can produce some pretty hot vapor in regular variable wattage mode, the VaporFi vShock Tank has an extra feature that comes as a bonus. Just below the drip tip there’s another adjustable airflow mechanism (like the one from the SMOK TFV4) and this helps to cool down those clouds a bit. However, if you want full control over the vaping temperature then pair this tank with a TC mod and you’re in for a big surprise. Just remember to use the Ni200 coils (the ones with the green O-ring) only in temperature control mode as they can get super in standard variable wattage mode and release some potentially nasty chemicals.

The overall experience with the VaporFi vShock Tank was extremely pleasant, especially with the 0.6 Ohm coil for me. It seemed to bring out the flavor even better than its 0.2 Ohm counterpart and the vapor was much cooler. I do recommend getting a rubber vape band to put around the Pyrex tube because it’s not that compatible with mechanical shocks and I think I have a single tank which I haven’t dropped on the floor during testing.