Our Review On The Wotofo Atty Cubed RDA

Wotofo Atty Cubed RDA

I know the number of recently released box mod has overpassed the tubes and I got plenty of requests to review an atomizer that matches the whole rectangular design, so I’m happy to announce that today we are going to take a closer look at the Atty Cubed RDA from Wotofo. For me this is one of the most revolutionary and stylish RDAs I’ve seen this year and this is probably the main reason behind the massive popularity. And to be honest it does look great no matter which mod I choose to put it on, from the Tesla Two to the Hexohm V2 and the list can go on.

So what’s so special about this particular model? Well, it’s not cylindrical like all the traditional RDAs but instead has a rectangular shape and some pretty nifty air holes. My friend Nick has also a similar device called the HellBoy RDA and he promised he would let me borrow it for a future review, so stay tuned for that too.

Atty Cubed RDA contents The Atty Cubed RDA comes packed in a cube shaped (of course) black cardboard box with the Wotofo logo on the top, a sketch of the atomizer on the side and a scratch and check sticker on the bottom. To be completely honest this has been one of the nicest presentation boxes I’ve seen in quite some time and I’m really impressed with the attention to details. Inside you are going to find the Atty Cubed, a small guide,a bag of goodies (containing extra O-rings, a screwdriver and post screws), a wide bore chuff cap, a 510 drip tip adapter and a 510 drip tip.

This RDA comes in comes in a nice range of colors from stainless steel and black to lime green and even tiffany blue. We got it in stainless and it looks and feels amazing. It’s made from food grade stainless steel and the insulator is made in Germany, so only high quality materials and the most incredible design have combined to forge this remarkable piece of engineering.

One thing I adore about it is the etched ‘Atty’ logo on one side of the RDA and the two sets of vent holes which complement the design so well. On the bottom we have the adjustable 510 connector and a noticeable rounded base with the diameter of 22mm.

The Atty Cubed RDA is made from a few individual pieces, one being the top cap with the wide bore chuff cap connector and the adjustable airflow mechanism. This works by twisting the chuff cap and choosing between the several layouts available. The top cap is connected to the main tube via an O-ring. The we have the main tube, which is rectangular, and this also comes off from the base that’s cylindrical. The base and the main tube are sealed in place by two O-rings this time.

The base has a quad post design,  the two center ones being positive and the outer ones being negative. It also comes with a pretty deep juice Atty Cubed RDA different colors well and Philips head screws. The holes in the posts are wide and mounting the coils is done with great ease, even if you plan or using thicker Kanthal or even twisted wires.

The wide bore chuff cap is perfect for direct lung hits and if you pair it with a powerful mod it’s going to produce clouds like a freakin’ locomotive. The flavor is so incredible, and I kind of neglected RDAs for a while due to all the fuss with the sub-ohm tanks. Man it’s so good and intense I could vape on this for a week and still not get bored.

The build quality is flawless and everything about this RDA feels so damn good. This has become my favorite and I went through a whole bottle of Beard Vape Co. No. 32 e-liquid in two days. I absolutely love it! The Atty Cubed RDA is the perfect toy for any vaping enthusiast, so don’t wait a long time before making yourself a present.