How to pick the perfect e-cig Christmas gift (part I)

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The holidays are coming and this is great opportunity to show a loved one how much you care and I bet so many of you have at least one acquaintance that’s smoking for years. As our society finally understood, smoking is not only bad for the individual, it’s nasty for all those around him. It’s responsible for so hundreds of thousands of lung or heart related fatalities across the globe and, besides this, it tends to make the person using them feel socially marginalized. If you want to make your friend smoker a nice gift this Christmas, forget about those fancy lighter and pen packs or that nice ashtray and help him cut down on his tobacco by giving him or her an electronic cigarette.

ecig gift package E-cigarettes are an ideal Christmas gift since they fit the budget perfectly and they are already packed in nice boxes. Some brands even have holiday special offers that include winter motif packaging and some extra accessories. You can even find tons of coupon codes online for savings up to 25% on each starter kit you buy.

However, before making your purchase you need to understand that e-cigarettes are different and if you want your friend to have a greater chance at quitting, it’s ideal to buy a kit that’s perfectly suited for his or her needs. We are going to try to give you a hand with the whole picking process with some suggestions based on our experience.

If your friend is a female and she is only smoking on social occasions, then we suggest going for a starter kit that includes only the basic stuff. The “Entree Kit” from Vapor Couture is the perfect gift in this case because it includes a stylish battery, 6 cartomizers, a charger and a disposable. The 1.2% nicotine strength is ideal for a person that smokes only a few cigarettes per week. If she smokes a few cigarettes each day, then probably the “L'Essentiel Kit” would be a better choice since it comes with two batteries and 10 flavor cartridges. We suggest going with the 1.2% nicotine for the first 5-pack of cartridges and with the 1.8% for the second and let her decide which one is perfect for her needs. If you want to go for something even fancier but pricier then the “Passeport Kit” is ideal for any woman with an active job and a heavy smoker.

If you lady friend is the kind of girl that often does stuff around the house and often amazes you with her skills then might we suggest going for a starter kit with a refillable tank. This way she could by her favorite flavor or brand of e-liquid separately and use the same device you bought over and over again. This is a much cheaper alternative than the one with the disposable cartomizers and more versatile. In this case, the “Valiant Kit” from Apollo ecigs or the “V2Pro Series 3” are excellent choices.

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