NJOY presents its new tank systems

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Image of NJOY presents its new tank systems

JNOY tank systemRecognized as one of the few independent leaders of the e-cigarette industry, NJOY had to do something in the past months of 2014 in order to reinvent itself and bring new customers to the table. Despite the fact that the company from Arizona still produces disposable electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarette-a-like rechargeable models and starter kits, NJOY has recently releases to the public a very nice looking website to introduce their new ‘vape pens’ to customers. The vape pens are the company’s approach on the new trend that’s sweeping the whole e-cigarette market – open tank systems, which have managed to surpass regular two-piece models by more than $500 million in sales this year. Apparently the new products will be available in vape shop, convenience stores and on the company’s online page.

But the new site they have launched is not at all about sales. It is suggestively called ‘How to NJOY vaping’ and boasts 30 short explanatory videos that are aimed at familiarizing beginners with the concept and all aspects of vaping. By doing this ENJOY hopes to totally reinvent itself and become associated with a newbie’s complete guide to vaporizers and get a fresh start on the ever changing market.

If you pay attention to the site, ‘How to NJOY Vaping’ is trying to avoid as much as possible the terms e-cigarette, e-cig or electronic cigarette and uses the term ‘vape’ very often. Besides this, in all the ‘how-to’ videos there isn’t any two piece e-cigarette present, but rather the whole discussion is about the company’s new vape pen – that is essentially a refillable tank system. And this is certainly not a coincidence, because since the beginning of 2014 the two-piece cig-a-like models have been gradually experiencing a plummet in sales. This of course under the desperate eyes of the Big Tobacco companies, who have just recently joined the e-cig market by acquiring key cig-a-like manufacturers or even coming out with their own models. And this is why ENJOY wants to take a clean breath of fresh air with the new vapor pens and keep as distant as possible from regular cig-a-likes.

The company has always been regarded as one of the leading independent e-cig manufacturers and with this current move it hopes to disassociate itself from cigarette-a-likes and all products that mimic smoking to the last detail. Instead it aims at creating something even more interesting that a simple alternative but rather something independently respected in its own right. According to the company’s director of marketing vaping is inherently different from smoking and certainly more pleasurable. It requires a certain type of education and clearly a dedicated use.

In the videos you can see a lovely lady guiding users through all the steps of vaping on a tank system, and at the same time addressing some of the issues and fears concerning these problems like e-liquid spills, childproofing and battery dangers.

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