As opposed to their rebuildable atomizer counterparts, which have a tank that holds the e-liquid, RDAs can only hold a few drops of e-liquid at a time. They are the easiest wicks to rebuild but hardest to maintain and they work by simply dripping e-liquid directly onto to an exposed wick where it essentially transforms into massive clouds of vapor. The difference is that even on the cheapest RDAs the airflow, flavor and vapor production are un-matched by any tank system available on the market. The downside however is that with no tank to be refilled you will have to get used to direct dripping.

The Tobh Atty

This rebuildable dripping atomizer is designed as a single piece, 303 stainless steel body, with its posts being part of the deck, thus providing a very solid performance. The Tobh is quite heavy and the construction is very well built, guaranteeing that the posts will not move or brake off.

The Tobh is designed for dual coil configurations as it has three posts (two of which are negative and one is positive) in the traditional set-up. They feature ‘Phillips’ head screws and are 18-8 stainless steel coated and black oxidized. The posts feature holes that can hold any kind of wire you want to use and there is enough room in the design of the posts and deck to house even quad coils if you desire. The well is excellent and quite deep so you can use lots of wick if you want to get more hits from this dripping atomizer.

The Tobh comes with an adjustable air hole design, each side of the sleeve featuring 3 1/16’’ holes placed horizontally, thus creating excellent circulation of airflow across the coils. Two blocking posts that are part of the base allow you to adjust the air holes in order to control the flow. This is a quite a minimalist design but at the same time, very effective.

The Cats by RJ Mods

Cats RDA by RJ ModsThe Cats rebuildable dripping atomizer is designed around a 5-post deck, thus making it ideal for quad-coil configurations and once you put it together, it never stops to impress. You can use this atomizer in a dual-coil configuration also, but the airflow design will be quite lax, as it has six holes to cool the chamber. The Cats’s unique design with the sleeve sitting over the inner deck and the smaller chamber keeping the heat and vapor concentrated as it swirls up the channel to be puffed, produces a much denser clouds than other RDAs.

On top of the outer sleeve are four air holes that feed the whole system, and over them sitting a removable airflow control ring. The outer sleeve has a nice brass finish and comes with the distinctive cat logo.

Performance-wise, the Cats is a real monster that produces very thick clouds of delicious vapor. Since it runs very hot, you should be careful with flavors, as they tend to get rather sweet.