Nowadays nobody can deny electronic cigarettes their reputation and as we start familiarizing ourselves with these amazing devices we also don’t want to get the wrong impression. Vaping and using your e-cigarette is fun, it is enjoyable, and it offers the best of smoking but without the hazards that come with tobacco. However for some vapers, things can get a little too comfortable, and inevitably a few of their old tobacco habits can come creeping out with bad results. Instead of adopting the proper etiquette and becoming like an ambassador for these devices, some people are not yet familiar or forget some proper essentials that distinguish a vaper from a smoker.

ecig in ashtray First of all never wear your e-cigarette behind your ear. Despite the fact that it weighs a bit more than a tobacco analog and you might drop it with every step, many people tend to find this behavior a somehow offensive. If you want to display your nicotine companion with style then we suggest going for a lanyard or a leather pouch. It is way more appealing and it will make you look a lot cooler.

Don’t toss it out your car window. If you are used to this habit from your days as a smoker then this is the perfect moment to realize the ecological damage this produces and become part of a community that is aware of how electronic cigarettes might just make our world a lot cleaner. Toss your disposable to the trash after you’re done with it and try to get rid of your reflex before you might through even your beloved rechargeable out the window without realizing.

Don’t assume that your pocked is a safe place to carry your ecigarette around. Things in your pockets are subjected to a lot of stress due to the constant movement and pressure and besides the risk of it falling down it will reduce its lifespan a lot. Storage cases are in this case the best alternative for having your device with you all day long.

Always pay attention to the way you leave your ecig. Don’t store it in warm places or in direct sunlight, in places with a lot of dust or dirt. When traveling with your device don’t leave it in a random pocket of your luggage without any protection. This exposes your e-cigarette to damage; especially if your mind is on other things.

And lastly, never leave it hanging from your mouth when you’re not using it. We know you’re used to doing that with a tobacco cigarette, but their electronic counterparts are heavier and they can drop on the floor and sustain reasonable damage in a moment of absence of mind.

Taking care of your electronic cigarette will ensure a longer functionality period and optimal performance and it will let you enjoy your vaping while making other more aware of these devices in the best way possible. Remember that you’re the example for some people so try to make it a good one.