I was a smoker. I smoked tobacco for over ten years and have probably tried quitting two or three times in the past to no avail. I find it hard to hard to function during the day without my nicotine fix so that quitting just became out of the question.

thumbs up eversmokeBut when my wife got pregnant last year, I know I have to do the right thing. I just can’t put my unborn child’s health at risk because of my tobacco addiction.

My wife urged me to try electronic cigarettes, but sadly, the first two brands we have tried were disappointing. I still found myself craving the high that smoking traditional cigarettes give. I am pretty sure it is due to the fact that I’m not getting the maximum vapor from every puff.

After a bit of online research, I came upon Eversmoke cigs. I got curious with their VaporMax technology which according to their website makes sure that you get a powerful throat hit.After getting myself the basic starter kit, I was hooked. The flavor is concentrated and strong. I also noticed that the battery lasts for about three days, unlike the other brands I have tried before. I’m still using the bold level cartridges which have the highest nicotine strength. Non-nicotine cartridges are also available and who knows, I might end up using them in the next few years. Right now, I’m taking it one step at a time to being more health conscious for the sake of my family.

With a product that’s free of carcinogens and tar, I am putting more years in my life. That’s more time to spend with my family and it doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks to Eversmoke cigs and the ecigguide for helping me choose.