People that managed to quit tobacco cigarettes slowly realized that their cig-a-like was not even remotely comparable with the amount of vapor some of these new vaporizers could produce and wanted a piece of the action. Even women gave up on the lightweight and easily refillable two-piece gizmos and bought something more interesting like a Provari, an MVP or a VTR.

powerful box mod Personal vaporizers gradually became advanced personal vaporizer, with numerous features and an ever increasing power. From a maximum of 10 or 11Watts, which was the maximum only a year and a half ago, AVPs quickly reached 15, 20 or even 22. Manufacturers also noticed that vapers like it big and the 26650 battery seemed perfect for a new breed of mods. Stylish looking vaping monsters like the Seven 22 or the Seven 30 made quite the impression not so long ago and that’s when people realized this was only the beginning.

A very popular device and probably the one that paved the road to the powerful mods we have today was the DNA 30. It featured a revolutionary chip called the Evolv 30 and became the first ever vaporizer to put out 30 Watts of pure vaping power. This device sold out like crazy and everyone puffing on it quickly understood why. It received a lot of positive reviews from all the respectable figures in the vaping community and was puffing out clouds like a true beast.

Quickly, Chinese companies like Sigelei and Pioneer4you managed to release their own 30W models and were busy working on something even more powerful. This is why, only after e few months the first IPV V2 was released. This box mod featured 50Watts of power and everyone was absolutely delighted with the clouds it managed to produce. Cloupor is another company that harnessed the craving of vapers for powerful mods and released it T5 – another 50W monster. Sigelei soon followed with its own version of the 50W box mod.

But the battle was still on, and each of these companies new that whoever comes with the next power hungry mod would witness a huge boost in sales. This is why both Sigelei and Cloupor delivered the very first 100W electronic cigarettes. The devices could only operate at 100W with sub-ohm coils but the vapers were ecstatic. Cloud chasing became suitable for advanced personal vaporizer too and vapers didn’t have to buy only a mechanical mod for this. The clouds were mind-blowing and the whole experience was at its best.

However, it didn’t stop here and only a few months ago both Cloupor and Pioneer4you managed to break the barrier once again and deliver whopping 150W box mods. Both the IPV V3 and the Cloupor T8 are powered by two parallel 18650 batteries and they are still at the pinnacle of powerful vaporizers.

And if this revolution happened in only a few months, it’s easy to imagine what the near future will bring us. Probably by spring 2015 we will be vaping at 200W with even more powerful models already announced.