Making choices is usually a hard task to do especially when choosing between products that claim they are the best. But for those who are serious about making the choice they will be satisfied with, good judgment and careful scrutiny of have to be exercised.

7s ecigsThis is the case with electronic cigarettes. Every manufacturer will claim that their product is the best one can ever set hands on. But something is not made excellent just by what people say. A wise client has to prove himself whether these claims are true.


7s ecigs is confident that their product will pass every customer’s test, for the following excellent features:


  • Whatever one’s preference is as to taste and budget, 7s offers its customers a wide choice. Low price to high price and also in between, they have it.
  • Their products come to the market in elegant packaging
  • They have numerous starter kits to choose from, $29.99 to 99.95. Then there is the two-kit starter kit which is priced at 59.95. It has six cartridge refills. Other brands have only five. Along with the six cartridge refills, the two-kit starter kit has two batteries, one usb charger, and one wall charger.
  • 7s starter kits have a 90-day warranty for defective parts. They also boast of shipping to major cities in the world although this is not free, and once the product is delivered and does not suit the taste of the customer, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee which is at the company’s discretion.
  • 7s e-cig kits come in innovative storage kits that would allow the user to charge the battery, at the same time ensure protection of the e-cigs.
  • 7s taste is remarkably a lot better than other brands. Vapers who have tasted 7s are excited about its excellent throat hit and rich and crisp flavors.
  • There are numerous flavors to choose from, like Tobacco, Menthol, Grape, Apple. Blueberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Peach, Coffee, Mocha, and Vanilla
  • They offer cartridges with different levels of nicotine.


The 7s e-cig features being laid now for customer scrutiny, the manufacturers are confident that it will pass with flying colors. This is the brand that will give you the satisfaction every user wants to experience, and give you your money’s worth.