The Provape ProVari is highly esteemed and it’s regarded to be at the edge of the electronic cigarette devices even by people that never puffed one. It has gained a lot of interest and  has become one of the most craved devices in the vaping community.

Provari modRegarded as “The ultimate variable voltage electronic cigarette” the ProVari has a microprocessor that allows the adjustment of vapor production rapidly and without flaw. It’s a device that promises top performance and does not lie. Crafted only with 100% USA components, it’s out of the reach of many people, but a definite collectable for those who afford it.

You might ask yourself who would pay over $200 for a starter kit that only includes the vaporizer, two batteries, a charger and a tank but the answer is not that simple. The ProVari isn’t your typical ecigarette. It is an ecigarette designed for experienced smokers, people who already have their favorite eliquid and know what attachments and accessories they like. Vapers who like their ecigs but wish that the experience could be a little more fulfilling when it comes to throat hit and flavor.

To put it simple, this mod is actually made of a tube that can accommodate a 18490 battery with the usual 510 threading on top attach where the tank goes, a board to regulate the voltage, a nice display and a button to go through the menu. But what makes this device different is it’s awesome build quality and dependability. Even though a bit heavy, it’s very balanced and a pleasure to hold. It is crafted from high quality stainless steel and it’s pretty solid. The back lit firing button feels amazing and responsive and it’s packs a lot of power.

With this mod you can be sure to find a sweet spot regardless of the type of tank or e-liquid you are using. The patented technology regulates the amount of vapor according to the battery charge so you’ll never notice it varying. It is a variable voltage device and can go from 2.9 to 6.0 volts in increments of .1. It will automatically remember its settings after you turn in off.

The provari has a built-in amplifier that automatically converts the voltage from the battery to a superior value, thus delivering an amazing vaping experience.  Depending on the tank you use it can output a maximum of 24w of power.

It’s perfect for beginners and a nice collectable. The flavor and throat hit are amazing and vapor production is at its best. Definitely a nice piece of engineering to own.