The new Kangertech starter kits

With a totally different approach on quality than the usual Chinese manufacturers, Kangertech is a company that has invested a lot in research and development and has become one of the key players of the e-cigarette industry in the past few years. They managed to do this by respecting high quality standards and releasing products that attracted a lot of customers, most of them being extremely happy about their purchase. The company has been manufacturing vaping gear since 2007 and today its products are both RoHS compliant and CE certified.

Kanger emus kitMost of the company’s fame is due to its line of clearomizers and tanks with adjustable airflow and replaceable atomizer heads like the renowned ‘Aerotank’ range of products. They sold millions of items all across the globe and the number of positive reviews they got in return was overwhelming.

With the clear indicator that the e-cigarette market is shifting from traditional two piece cig-a-likes and going for refillable vaporizer pens and mods, numerous companies have struggled to keep up with the demand and Kangertech is one of them with two starter kits addressed to vaping beginners and regular day-to-day users of e-liquids.

The EMUS starter kit is a very chic electronic cigarette that will appeal more to those already familiarized with the EVOD series. It features the same bottom coil design, only a bit smaller and much more improved. This kit clearly shows the effort invested by the company’s engineers into making the EMUS the right choice for beginners – since the replacement of the atomizer heads is done with such great ease. Coil replacement always posed a problem particularly to women and men over a certain age but with the simpler design the EMUS is very easy to operate and certainly a step forward.

The entire design is minimalistic and chic, making the EMUS a vaporizer pen that you can take with you all day long. It features a mini EVOD battery rated at 550mAh and a Pyrex glass tank with a capacity of 1.2ml of e-liquid. While it’s not that impressive from the point of view of autonomy, the EMUS shines in terms of practicality and it’s certainly going to receive a lot of positive reviews. The starter kit comes with two batteries and tanks, five spare atomizer heads and the USB charger with a wall adapter. Going for around $50 it’s a great investment if you are a beginner and want to experiment with ecigs.

Another starter kit that got our attention was the Esmart – a minimalistic e-cigarette (or vaporizer pen) that comes in a variety of color and does its job perfectly at delivering nice clouds complemented by a good throat hit and lots of flavor.

The very slim batteries are rated at 320mah and the refillable tank can hold up to 1.3ml of e-juice. The atomizer heads are replaceable and you can buy spares in all the major online vape shops. The Esmart performs above average for such a small device and considering the $35 price tag is another absolute best buy.