cigarette vs ecigAfter ceasing their tobacco experience and making the switch to the electronic cigarette, many ex-smokers find themselves feeling a lot better physically and also mentally. While some e-cigarettes are advertised as a ‘healthier’ alternative to traditional smoking, this is clearly not just a marketing trap. Of course, more observations and long term effect clinical trials are needed in order to reach an uncontested result but this doesn’t change the face that as soon as you make the switch you start feeling your body getting rid of all the tar and your senses of smell and taste getting better than ever.

People who smoke regular tobacco cigarettes are well aware of the reasons they these are hazardous to their health. They are smelly, they contain harmful and many times cancer causing chemicals and they just add up a lot of monthly expense. For these reasons and many others, a lot of users who are trying to quit along with those who do not want to quit but just want a better way to enjoy their nicotine are switching to ecigs. Following are five of the top reasons why they are classier than traditional tobacco based cigarettes.

First of all, it is known that a burning tobacco cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals out of which some have the nasty reputation of causing cancers. As opposed to these, their electronic counterparts use e-liquid that contains an average of 5 chemicals: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavorings.  While some people are still being skeptical, all of these four ingredients besides nicotine are also used in a lot of day-to-day products like mouthwash, minty spray or sweets. The nicotine is either naturally extracted from tobacco plants or synthetically produced in laboratories and in small concentration is not at all hazardous to human health.

The second reason is the smell. After making the switch to the e-cig you’ll be pleased to know that your hands and hair will smell once again very fresh and your house will not be repelling to non-smoking visitors. Also they can – in theory – be used anywhere from pubs to restaurants as they are not covered by the smoking ban.

Thirdly, and there is also a scientific study that is backing up this statement, the risk of second hand smoke is virtually inexistent with electronic cigarettes. You can now enjoy your nicotine fix without bothering your loved ones by the smoke and small particles left behind.

Another reason is your looks. You know how tar caused by smoking can accumulate on walls, curtains, furniture, and other surfaces? It does the same thing to the skin and teeth, in a rather unappealing way. It can cause skin to lose its luster and speed up the aging process. By dropping the tobacco in favor of electronic cigarettes, you leave your skin less available to the harm of tar and your teeth whiter than ever.

The final reason and one of the most important is that you save a lot of money by making the switch to e-cigarettes. There are a lot of online calculators to give you an idea about the money you’ll be saving but it’s pretty simple to do the math yourself. The point is that you’ll end up saving close to over $1,000 even from the first year of using these friendlier devices.