Right storing and maintenance for your ecigarettes is advisable. Small and compact the ecigarette is the ideal portable companion, however many people do not store them safely. Improper storage could lead to irreparable damage to your device and this might result in faulty functionality or making it unusable.

Ecig carrying caseAs you get out the door the most probable place for storing your ecig might be your pocket but it would be a great opportunity to reconsider. Just think about all the stairs, all the walking, the standing and sitting. That could create a lot of stress and pressure on your device and you may end up breaking it. Also, all of that movement could cause some eliquid to spill into your battery and that could ensure permanent damage too.

The best place to keep your ecigarette and its accessories is inside a case or a pouch. That will ensure the necessary protection against the daily jostling your device might endure and it’s the perfect place to store an extra battery and cartomizer. From simple cases to designer models, they come in many shapes and sizes and they are stylish for both men and women. Ideally you must disassemble your ecigarette before putting inside the case, which will ensure additional protection from short circuits due to eliquid spilling.

If you are out with friends or enjoy outdoor activities then you can purchase a lanyard to keep around your neck. They are usually made out of leather and they provide a secure fit for your ecig. You have to keep it assembled but it offers a lot more protection than your pocket. Besides offering protection for your device it is also a fashion accessory and you can let others know about your healthy alternative to smoking.

When going on long trips or holidays the best accessory for storing your ecigarette is the portable charging case (PCC) which, besides protection, offers as much as 8-10 charges of your battery.

When it comes to storing your ecigarette at home or at your office desk most people use a glass or a coffee mug, but the most elegant solution is a toothbrush holder. This is one of the most creative approaches out there, and it works nicely as long as your ecigs are of the slimmer variety.

For your bulk supplies there’s no better place than a tackle box. You get multiple compartments for your eliquid, cartomizers refilling accessories and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

When it comes to ecigarette maintenance you have keep a few things in mind:

–        Your device is not meant to last a lifetime, but you can increase its lifespan reading and following the instructions in your manual;

–        To benefit from your battery for a long period of time, never use your device until fully discharged;

–        Do not over tighten the atomizer to the battery because it will cause contact problems over time;

–        Do not overfill the tank with eliquid because it might cause leakage;

–        From time to time clean the contacts between the battery and atomizer;

–        Avoid dropping your ecigarette because it might cause permanent damage. Also avoid it getting in contact with liquids;

–        Keep your battery and atomizer separately when not using the device for a few days;