If you are interested in e-cigarettes or you are already a convinced vaper then we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of mods. Mods are essentially advanced electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers that don’t have the looks of the traditional cig-a-likes or eGo vape style shapes but rather they come to impress with incredible functionality or design features.  They can be grouped into AVPs – or advanced personal vaporizers – and Mechanical Mods.

Kamry mech modsAVPs are futuristic looking devices packed with a lot of circuitry that use electronic chips and boards in order to get the most of the vaping experience. Most of them have variable voltage / wattage settings, have a built in memory and LCD screens to help you tweak any particularity of puffing.

Mechanical mods are usually battery operated devices that are designed out of aluminum or stainless steel and don’t have microchips or extra circuitry but rather target the most experienced of vapors who like using rebuildable atomizers and customize their vaping experience in a more DIY manner.

–      Crafted after the style of Empire PV Mod, the less expensive Kamry K100 has posed to be one of the most used and affordable mechanical mods on the market. But as opposed to the Empire mod, the K100 features a 510 connector on the top cap, but there are no air channels cut in for additional airflow. You might also want to drill another hole for extra airflow and a smoother draw. (see picture at the top)

–        The Smoktech Magneto is a fully mechanical, stainless steel, telescopic advanced e-cig mod. It features the 510 thread connection that allows for the Magneto to use almost any atomizer, cartomizer or tank. And while it looks almost identical to the first version, the V2 comes with an adjustable center pin.

Magneto mech mod

–        The Vamo V5 is both variable voltage and variable wattage and abundant in features. It has quickly become one of the most loved AVPs out there. Sharing more of V2’s looks than those of the V3, it’s a great device to own, that delivers exceptional power at a very reasonable price.Vamo V5 mod

–        The iTaste SVD might be one of tht best performing AVPs. It looks like something out of a sci fi movie and almost feels similar to a light saber. Paired with the futuristic style,  it’s capable of bot variable voltage and variable wattage vaping, and since it’s telescopic you can power it with different types of batteries.Itaste SVD Mod

–        The iTaste 134 is only variable wattage but looks like something from an action movie. Judging by the case it comes in and the gun type appearance, it’s not a mod for everyone. It’s bulky and heavy but at the same time has a lot of style. However, for a mod of  this size it’s remarkably easy to hold and performs like an absolute beast. Itaste 134 mod