Battery life is a really important factor you need to consider when choosing your ecigarette model. Although lithium-polymer batteries are a huge step forward compared to old generation NiMh or NiCd ones, they can quickly die out if you don’t take care of them properly. Replacing your battery isn’t that expensive, but why would you want to spend more money on a device that is already helping you save. Here are some tips how to extend the life of your ecig battery, before deciding it’s time for a new one.

ecig multi chargerUse your device on a regular basis. Just like the exercise we need to do in order to feel fit, the battery works the same kind of way. The more you use it, the more it delivers and the better it functions. This doesn’t mean you need to use your ecig everyday but make sure not to leave it laying on the desk for days in row without taking a few puffs, because that would definitely affect its performance.

You should avoid fully draining your battery. The best analogy is to compare it with a train. It’s easier for the train to increase its velocity once it’s already in motion rather than it is for it to start moving in the first place. Same is with your ecigarette. Waiting for the LED light to blink could be a real mistake, taking into consideration that many companies recommend you should recharge when you notice that half the energy is gone. Though, this could be frustrating with smaller batteries that get drained in approx 2 hours so our advice is to recharge it when you notice a decrease in vapor production.

Protect your battery with every chance you get. Carrying your device inside a filthy pocket could get dust or lint inside it orifices that could make the switch to malfunction of prevent the proper ventilation of your ecig. Ideally you should always carry your device and batteries in a case or pouch and never keep it in direct sunlight or in environments with high temperatures. Also you need to avoid dropping your device or exposing it to mechanical shocks. Even though they are made from durable materials, big hits might move the integrated switch out of place, causing the battery to activate randomly or not activate at all. When using automatic batteries, you should always be careful to eliquid leaks. Only one drop could create a short circuit and you’ll be running for replacements.

Unscrew the cartomizer. Not many vapers know that leaving the cartomizer connected to the battery will slowly drain its power, and you should definitely keep it unscrewed when not using it for a couple of days.

Don’t store your battery with less than 50% charge. Any battery you store in the future should be fully charged. Storing them with less than 50% charge will make them drain a lot faster and it will affect their lifespan. As you probably noticed, any device you buy today comes with the battery already charged.

You should unplug batteries after charging. Rather than leaving them overnight, be sure to disconnect them from the power source right after the LED notifies you that they are fully charged. Overcharging could also affect the lifespan of your battery.

Clean your battery on a regular basis. You probably noticed that a lot of dust and filth or small eliquid particles tend to stick to the battery contacts and this could add up to future damage to your device. Our advice is to regularly clean you battery with a cotton swab, q-tip or alcohol pad, and use a toothpick to clear the air holes.

Following all of these tips could help you get the most out of your battery and you might get anything from 250 to almost 400 charge cycles.