E-cigarettes are relatively new on the market, but since their first introduction almost a decade ago they have become very popular and with a steadily increasing community. They have evolved from novelty devices to the day-to-day companion we all love and the industry is in constant development, bringing out new improved models every few couple of months.

ecig chargers As opposed to disposables that don’t need charging or any other type of accessories, most electronic cigarettes come in customizable starter kits that are packed to suit all your vaping needs. Electronic cigarette accessories make your life a lot easier and they give you a lot of advantages and autonomy when it comes to your favorite day-to-day device.

We are going to talk today about some of the ecig accessories that come inside some of the starter kits or the ones that you can buy separately.

Batteries are the most essential accessories to your ecigarettes. They keep them functioning and let you enjoy those nice thick clouds of vapor each time you take a puff. Batteries are either automatic (they activate as you inhale from the device) or mechanical (you need to keep a button pressed while you drag) and they usually come in pairs of two in each starter kit. Every brand has a wide range of batteries available when you want to buy them separately and they come from the usual ones that you find in kit to the top of the range models that offer a higher capacity and additional safety features.

Portable Charging Cases, or shortly PCCs are accessories designed for autonomy. If you are constantly puffing on your device or you are traveling a lot then only the two available batteries won’t be enough to suit your vaping needs and this is where the PCC shines. They are like a carrying case but with a built in battery that allow you to recharge your ecigarette as many as eight times. The battery charges from any USB port and it’s one of the best accessories to invest in.

The power cig is also a much craved accessories for people that are using the computer a lot at home or at work. Without any internal battery, this device connects to your USB port via a wire and lets you enjoy your e-cigarette as long as you keep it connected. The only thing you have to worry about is refilling your tank with e-liquid or replacing the cartomizer.

The wall charger comes with all starter kits and it helps you keep your battery charged at all times. All you need to do is plug it in, connect the battery and in almost two hours you’re ready to puff again. An extra at work, one in your purse or bag, and one at home will ensure you’re able to charge just about everywhere.

The USB charger is very useful to carry around at all times since you can always find a laptop or desktop computer or even an external battery to keep your ecigarette packed with mAh.

The lanyard helps you keep your ecigarette safely around your neck. It is ideal when you’re on the go, and need easy access.

All of these electronic accessories accessories are designed to make your life a lot easier and you can find them available with any of the most popular brands out there.