Electronic cigarettes, popularly called ecigs or vapes, have become increasingly popular lately. It was developed and created to provide smokers with an alternative to smoking tobacco products and hopefully help them to stop smoking eventually. Made to mimic the real cigarette, from its appearance, inhalation and smoke, it is the smoking cessation aid of choice among smokers among all age groups.


How Does It Help Stop Smoking?

ecigs do you knowNicotine is the addictive component in tobacco and this is where most nicotine replacement therapy products are based on. This is where there are nicotine patches and gums. The e-cigarette has nicotine in a cartridge solution that gives a smoker their nicotine kick when the vapor is inhaled. However, it is not a surefire way to stop the addiction to nicotine although cartridges come in varying nicotine concentrations, smokers can gradually lower their dose until they can fully get off smoking.


How Does an E-Cigarette Work?

An e-cigarette has three main parts: the cartridge, the atomizer and the battery.

The cartridge has a mouthpiece on one end. This is where one inhales the “smoke”. It is the one that holds the e-liquid (commonly called the e-juice) that contains the nicotine.

The main idea of e-cigarettes is to simulate the idea of smoking the real thing. So when a user inhales through the mouthpiece, the air flow sensor in the cartridge activates the atomizer to convert or heat up the e-liquid in the cartridge and turns it into smoke or vapor.

E-cigarettes operate with a battery. Inhaling the device automatically starts the battery so you can start vaping. Once you run out of e-juice, you can just buy refills, which actually come out cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Generally, one cartridge is equal to a pack of tobacco cigarettes though this mainly depends on the manufacturer.


What is the E-Juice Made Of?

This is where the nicotine is stored in. It is available in different levels of nicotine concentrations – from zero nicotine to the high-dose kind. Most e-liquid solutions are made of USP grade propylene glycol (vegetable glycerin), nicotine and flavorings. The propylene glycol is the main ingredient in the solution. It is classified safe by the FDA. In fact, it is used in a number of common ingredients found at home – vanilla extract, food coloring and even cake mixes.

Flavorings like mint, coffee, vanilla, strawberry and even chocolate can be added to the e-juice too. This is one of the appealing factors of e-cigarettes.


Are ECigs Safe?


All questions lead generally lead down to this – are they safe?

Experts say ecigs are a healthier and safe alternative to tobacco or real cigarettes.  Since it is  fairly new product in the market, more extensive research still has to be made to ensure there are no serious side effects brought out by its usage.

While compared to tobacco cigarettes that contain nicotine and a whole lot more of toxic chemicals and poison, e-cigarettes generally only contain nicotine. Nicotine is still a highly-addictive drug, but with controlling concentration levels on cartridges, it can help smokers gradually wean off the product from their systems.