As the popularity of electronic cigarettes increases, many users want to enjoy their devices everywhere and most companies advertize them as “perfect to use in all public places” but the reality is a bit different. As you probably know, many vapers learned the hard way that air travel and ecig use don’t usually mix in harmony. The internet is full of reports from people who lost their flights or even got fined for vaping in the terminals or the toilets. Some airports are more vape-friendly than others, but generally speaking, using e-cigarettes in these security-sensitive zones is highly inadvisable.

Heathrow airport vaping Here is where UK-based premium e-cigarette manufacturer, Gamucci decided it’s time for a change and recently announced the opening of the world’s first airport vaping zone, at Heathrow Airport, in England. The indoor facility will allow vapers to use their ecigs for as long as they want before and after their flights without getting into any sort of trouble with the airport security or without having to inhale the second hand smoke of the usual lounges.

According to the press release “The Gamucci Zone will be around 30 square meters, located in the International Departure Lounge next to luxury brands and duty free stores, with entry restricted only to those aged 18 and over. It will open from 05:00 until 22:30 each day and will only sell Gamucci electronic cigarettes.”  We are pretty sure that you can vape any type of brand inside their facility but if you have your ecig packed inside a heavy suitcase or forgot it at home, then their disposables offer a great alternative.

Taz and Umer Sheikh, Co-Founders of Gamucci, said that  “As a London-based company, we are delighted to be launching the world’s first electronic cigarette vaping zone at Heathrow Terminal 4. Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe, with millions of passengers passing through each year from all over the world. The Gamucci Zone at Heathrow complements our positioning as a global brand sold in 55 countries worldwide”.

”We are frequent travelers ourselves, and identify with the frustrations smokers endure when they are through security. We hope our vaping zone will offer an environment to satisfy their cravings. All of our products are non-combustible and allow smokers to enjoy nicotine without any of the by-products of combustible tobacco.”

Their announcement was met with great joy in the vaping community and I’m sure a lot of travelers will step through their doors in the near future. It is great that people are beginning to recognize the relevance of electronic cigarettes and their fast-growing popularity so that more places like this will pop up in airports all over the world.

This is a pretty savvy move by Gamucci to take advantage of the greater smoking ban that is in the United Kingdom currently, providing people their much needed nicotine fix. Luckily, the UK government seems to have a better mind-set about electronic cigarettes, and hence reflects this via more relaxed smoking or vaping laws specific to just ecigarettes.