Things are developing pretty fast on the electronic cigarette market, with more and more innovations each month. You’ve probably heard of Smokio, the first smart e-cigarette and which grabbed the attention of so many vaping enthusiasts and introduced these devices in the digital world where you could track your puffing habit to the last detail. Well, that was only the beginning since Vаpоr ϲоrp., the ϲоmpаny behind pоpulаr e-ϲigаrette brаnds like Smоke 51, Green Puffer оr VаpоrX, hаs reϲently unveiled аn intriguing eleϲtrоniϲ ϲigаrette prоtоtype thаt feаtures biоmetriϲ teϲhnоlоgy. If you thought the fingerprint scanning technology of the Apple iPhone 5S was impressive, you’ll be swept of your feet by this innovative new e-cigarette.

VaporX“By incorporating this biometric user identity technology into the Vapor X personal vaporizer, the door is opened to many customizable features. The fingerprint lock security allows customers to protect their device from use by another individual and this same technology will lead to the development of additional features and controls,” said Vapor Corp CEO Kevin Frija.

The device still undergoes rigorous testing in Vapor Corp’s labs but according to company spokespersons, it will be available for purchase during the second half of 2014, both online and through authorized dealers nationwide. The market price for one of these devices won’t be cheap, as the technological effort invested is impressive, but it is expected to be somewhere between $199 and $299.

When first purchasing the device, the authorized user will have to scan his fingerprint, after which the device will be rendered useless to anyone else trying to take a puff. There will be however a multiple user option but more details about this matter are still expected from the producer. This fingerprint lock will make the e-cigarette much safer with kids around the house or leering colleagues at the office or your roommates in campus.

“The next trend in alternative smoking devices is the personalized vaporizer that incorporates the technology that we expect from our high-end tech devices. Today, we are debuting the newest technology in this space,” said Frija, “Much like the fitness mobile app technology we have seen gain recent popularity, vaporizer users will soon be able to download their ‘vaping’ statistics through a corresponding mobile application in order to track exactly how often they use the device,” he added.

Of course, there is no other electronic cigarette on the market with this kind of technology but is it really worth paying almost $300 for a biometric device? I guess we’ll have to wait a couple of months and see how many users will start vaping their cutting edge ecigarettes.