Electronic cigarettes work on a very simple principle. They use a heating element (called an atomizer) to heat up a nicotine solution (often containing vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavorings) and turn it into a breathable mist that, as opposed to combustible cigarettes , doesn’t contain any smoke, tar or thousands of deadly chemicals and carcinogens.

ecig black market Besides gaining even more popularity this year, e-cigarettes have also raised a lot of controversy with more and more big cities banning their use in public places and the FDA working on coming up with regulations regarding the sale and use of these devices. Gradually Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia have prohibited e-puffing in all public establishments and vapers are now afraid that the government will soon put a ban even on the sale of personal vaporizers or e-liquid.

With this idea in mind, the people at E-Cigarette Forum, one of the biggest online vaping communities, came up with a survey to see what the users would do in case of a general ban on all e-cigarette type devices. The site launched a 75-item questionnaire earlier this year, asking some 10,000 members a variety of questions regarding e-cigarettes.

The survey results showed that, not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of respondents (almost 79 per cent) said they would ‘look to the black market’ is electronic cigarettes were banned tomorrow. Only a small percentage of users who did submit this answer said they would stop puffin on nicotine completely if e-cigs were banned.

The relevance of the study comes to how loyal are vapers to their electronic cigarettes and advanced ecig vaporizers or mods. The fact that even though the devices would be banned, four out of five people would still look to do anything in order to keep on vaping, is a great example of how ecigs have changed users’ lives after helping them quit their nasty tobacco habit.

In addition, if flavored e-liquid were banned, the results suggest that users would look towards the use of homemade alternatives. Some users already make their own e-liquid mixtures, so this is a probable outcome should flavored e-liquid ever be banned. The idea started with some senators believing that sweet flavor e-liquids appeal more to young people rather than to adults and thus make e-cigarettes a gateway to tobacco smoking.

‘A lot of these companies are well-known in the vaping community – a lot of people do ring them up and buy their base flavors and mix their own flavors directly,’ said Oliver Kershaw, CEO of the E-Cigarette Forum. ‘So it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to imagine an industry would spring up providing flavors, and it could spread very quickly by word-of-mouth, ‘this was your old flavor that you used to love.’

However, banning e-cigarettes completely is an unlikely scenario because these devices have potentially enormous health benefits by helping smokers kick the habit. The Food and Drug Administration is working on some future regulations but it will not certainly be that drastic.