Lorillard made its presence into the e-cigarette industry just over a year ago when they purchased the top U.S. electronic cigarette company Blu eCigs. Since then, the corporation continued to increase profits with the newly acquired Blu, and the massive funding allowed them once again to expand their cloak even further on the niche market by purchasing U.K. e-cig company SKYCIG.

Sky ecigThe CEO of Lorillard, Murray Kessler declared that it has been a mission of the company to be the best and the first in the electronic cigarette category and their mission, Kessler added, is a global objective. In conformity to the agreement, the UK ecigarette brand will be a separate subsidiary of the tobacco company; its current management team will be the same, as well as its British retail locations.

As in the case with Blu eCigs, SKYCIG was a leading brand in the United Kingdom. By carrying the striking designs and bold marketing and branding of Blu, Sky officials declared that the company plans to duplicate the same success of the well-known ecigarette brand in the UK. As part of the rebranding, SKYCIG will also be transforming its brand positioning to have a strong focus on lifestyle, a move that will be backed by a £20 million marketing campaign.

The Blu eCigs UK product range will boast the same premium technology displayed in the SKYCIG line, including a number of upgrades. The product line will include rechargeable starter kits, high-caliber quality cartridge refills, disposable e-cigs and recharging accessories. The same popular SKYCIG flavors will also be available under the Blu brand, including Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Rich Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Cinnamon, and NRG.

Last March 24-26, the product packaging and design of Blu were presented at D110 stand during the National Convenience Show exhibit.

‘We are extremely excited and proud to be bringing the largest e-cigarette brand in the world to the UK – it is a fantastic product, with a bold look that offers an alternative and positive lifestyle choice for adult smokers. As the brand blu we will stand for pride, bringing e-cigarette users back into the social fold in a society where smokers have been marginalized for a long time. The UK product range will be supported with a bespoke advertising and marketing campaign that will stand out in the category’ declared Jacob Fuller, CEO & founder, SKYCIG.

SKYCIG has been among the most trusted electronic cigarette brands within the United Kingdom for a number of years. It has established a significant market share in the growing e-cigarette industry, which is expected to be worth £340 million by 2015.