thick cloud smokeThe quantity and quality of vapor is what differentiates between so many brands on the market and they are all struggling to find the optimal balance between the e-cigarette hardware and e-liquid components in order to get the most out of each device. Here are some tips on getting better vapor production and live the ultimate vaping experience:

  1. First of all, you should know that Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Mechanical Mods are much more powerful that regular cigarette-a-like devices and thus the quantity of vapor with these tends to be much higher. Yes, they a bit more expensive and you will have to constantly refill them with e-liquid but it’s worth it. They use massive batteries and the end result will be mind-blowing to the regular two-piece vaper.
  2. Look for a high VG percentage e-liquid. Since Vegetable Glycerin has the ability to capture moisture from the air, VG is ideal for creating large plumes of vapor and often vapers will purchase or create their own e-liquid with a high percentage of this substance to help increase vapor production. At the same time, there is a compromise: Vegetable Glycerin isn’t the best ingredient for receiving strong flavor and the more concentrated the e-liquid the weaker the aroma and its intensity.
  3. Low nicotine concentrations. Many times, vapers will perform mouth pulls, which allows them to fill only their mouth, limiting the amount of vapor they will be able to blow out. If the nicotine strength is too high, the throat hit can be too harsh to perform direct pulls. Lowering the nicotine strength to 0.6-1.2% will be less of a throat-hit, allowing you to directly pull in as much vapor as your lungs can hold, thus creating big clouds of lush vapor.
  4. Low resistance atomizers. Using an aftermarket lower ohm coil, different from your standard manufactured coil, is another way towards creating a large vapor production. Since these atomizers have a lower resistance they will get hot faster, meaning you will be able to vaporize e-liquid quicker than normal, which gives more vapor that you are seeking. The drawback is that your e-liquid will run out a lot faster and at the same time, some types of e-liquid (especially darker colored ones) will tend to leave more residues on the atomizer, lowering its lifespan.
  5. Direct dripping, or simply dripping involves dropping a few drops of e-liquid on the atomizer and vaping away. Since most e-liquids come in dropper bottles, it makes the job incredibly easy. With only a few drops you’ll experience some of the best vapor ever and there are so many drips tips on the market in all shapes and sizes. You can even use the filter of your cartridge. But be careful, as this process tends to be quite messy if not careful and the disadvantage is that you always need to carry an e-liquid bottle with you.

TIP: Get started without too much hassle. These suggested vapes are good vape mods for all around use and cloud production