Even though electronic cigarettes are very popular and trendy these days, they are still new products because they have been around for only a few years. This is why there’s some concern regarding the general public’s view towards their use. We are all aware that e-cigarettes are safe to use and do not create the same cancer-causing secondhand smoke as their analog tobacco counterparts. However, many vapers avoid using their device in the public, fearing that it will upset people who are unfamiliar with e-cigarettes and don’t want e-cigs in their personal space.

vaping in public places To get a general idea about these concerns, Mistic electronic cigarettes had an idea to make a survey on the general public. ‘Mistic Electronic Cigarettes’ is a conscious-minded brand of vapor products, primarily sold through retail channels under the direction of its parent company, Ballantyne Brands. Their products are sold in approximately 40,000 retail outlets across the country, including Walmart, Walmart Neighborhood Market Stores, Rite Aid Drug Stores, Kangaroo Express, Circle K, Winn Dixie/Bi-Lo, Food Lion, among many others.

The survey was conducted by ‘Harris Interactive’, one of the world’s leading custom market research firms, leveraging research, technology, and business acumen to transform relevant insight into actionable foresight. Between December 12 and December 15, 2013, 1,011 Americans ages 18 and over were telephonically questioned about their opinion whether they would approve or disapprove of e-cigarette use at certain public places that typically ban smoking of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The results were weighted for age, sex, geographic region, and race when necessary to align them with their actual proportions of the population.

The results of the survey were very optimistic, approximately 2/3 of respondents claiming they are okay with people using electronic cigarettes in their personal space. Nearly three-quarters of Americans with ages 18-34 said they would not be bothered by someone using an e-cigarette in close proximity. When it comes to the e-cigarette use inside a restaurant or bar, 54% of the 18-34 age group said they don’t have a problem. The survey also found that men and women have some differences of opinion when it comes to vaping. Overall, men were more tolerant with ecig use, 71% stating they would not be bothered by the use of any electronic cigarette in their vicinity, compared to only 55% of women. Only 2 percent of Americans said they did not know what an electronic cigarette was.

“Because they look like traditional tobacco cigarettes, there might be an immediate reaction to ban them on the spot. The fact is the best manufactured e-cigs don’t possess any of the negative attributes commonly associated with traditional tobacco. There is no smoke, only vapor, and they don’t smell, they don’t invade clothes or leave ash or stubs. More importantly, many of the negative side effects associated with smoking are minimized by switching to e-cigarettes.” Said John Wiesehan, founder and CEO of Mistic electronic cigarettes.

This however does not mean you can use your e-cigarette everywhere as it depends on several factors. For starters, certain places, such as New York City and Chicago, have already banned the use of ecigarettes in public places, and breaking this law leaves you subject to a fine.

The general idea is to ask for permission each time you want to vape inside a restaurant, club or bar.