Rebuildable Atomizers have become a big hit all throughout the vaping community in these last years and the industry is keeping up pace, developing newer and technologically advanced model each month. Their popularity is no surprise since it comes from the same reason why the industry took to mods so well – it is based on vapers not settling for less, and constantly wishing for more from their personal vaporizers. Many people want their device to perform better and more efficiently to keep themselves satisfied. E-cig enthusiasts rebuild atomizers because it is cheaper and provides far better results than what the manufacturers offer.

rebuildable atomizerIf you have become one of the many that took on this atomizer rebuilding side of vaping, you are probably enjoying a nice amount of benefits these attachments have to offer. However, if you still haven’t wandered far enough into this rebuilding fever, let’s look at some of the benefits you’re missing out on:

First of all, any level of performance can be achieved when using a rebuildable atomizer. The only thing you need to do is do it correctly and understand the principle. Start by reading some of the many online guides and after you begin feeling confident, you can get to work. We recommended that you research different techniques to rebuilding in order to achieve the most satisfying results.

Secondly, you need to understand that even though your regular clearomizer or tank produced a satisfying amount of vapor, what you will get after switching to a rebuildable atomizer will blow your mind. To reach this level of large vapor there are a few things you need to keep an eye out – vapor relies on the coil build, the e-liquid’s nicotine level and PG/VG ratio, along with how much vapor you can physically inhale.

Thirdly, flavors will never taste the same again. After using a ‘high-end’ clearomizer with your favorite flavor and then using it with a rebuildable atomizer, you will be surprised at the large difference to say the least. It will open up the gates to new flavors and you will never look at your vaporizer the same way again.

Throat hit is another aspect of vaping that will undergo some impressive improvements after switching to a rebuildable atomizer. With a standard clearomizer throat hit can be quite mild with a 1.8% nicotine concentration e-liquid, but when using a rebuildable atomizer, the throat hit is increased immensely. The common nicotine levels used with rebuildable atomizers are anywhere from 0.6% up to as high as 1.2%.

Versatility is another strong point when it comes to rebuildable atomizers. Many different coil and wick configurations can be put together to achieve different results. When building, you can create single coil configurations, dual coil, and even quad coil setups, along with different types of wire wrappings.

Last but not least, cost effectiveness is another benefit when working with rebuildable atomizers. While the initial purchase of the rebuildable atomizer can come with a hefty price tag, consumables are very cheap and the overall investment will pay off in little time.