Probably one of the biggest mistakes of e-cigarette makers is that they wanted to make their products resemble analog tobacco smokes so much that now they are suffering the consequences. E-cigarettes look like traditional combustibles. They give nicotine just like tobacco combustibles. Users exhale vapor like that looks like tobacco moke. So they have to be cigarettes, no?

Frisco bans ecigsOr at least this seems to be the point of view of the Frisco City Council, that voted to tighten its smoking ordinance to better protect the health of its residents. The ordinance includes a ban not only on smoking but also on e-cigarettes and all liquid nicotine products in its parks.The ordinance also bans the sale, use and possession of e-cigarettes by people underage people.

‘This is a public health issue,’ council member Scott Johnson said. ‘If I’m proven wrong, I could change back. But I’d hate to put our citizens at undue risk.’

‘I got to say, I’m just not compelled to view e-cigarettes any different than I do regular cigarettes,’ said Councilman Bob Allen. ‘I don’t believe I can get to that point.’

This ordinance makes the town the first in the North part of Texas to prohibit e-cigarette use in public places and probably second after Lufkin state wide, as reported by The Dallas Morning News. Another town, Flower Mound has banned the use of vaping devices on public propriety.

‘It floors me that as a community we have not restricted the use of smoking in our parks,’ said Scott Johnson, an esteemed council member who noted that he has made this issue a priority.

He firmly believes the negative health effects of second-hand smoke are well documented. He agrees that children participating at sporting events should not be exposed to smoke from adults sitting on the sidelines.

Council member Jeff Cheney noted that with three children playing sports in city parks almost every day, he has witnessed an increasing problem with tobacco. There are people smoking or vaping in the stands, cigarette butts are tossed all over, and chewing tobacco is being spit on the fields.

The Council believes that ‘the smoking of electronic cigarettes and/or e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine have been demonstrated to have a detrimental effect on others in close proximity to the smoker.’

Tim Nelson was the only person to make a stand for e-cigarettes and oppose the ban. He compared the whole experience of standing close to someone puffing on an e-cigarettes similar to standing close to a person chewing gum or tobacco – a bit irritating but totally harmless. ‘Until there’s something more conclusive I’ll lean on the side of letting people do what they want to do,’ he said.

To his colleagues, on the other hand, only the slight possibility that second-hand vapor might someday be found have any negative effects is enough to justify a ban. In addition, vaping is annoying from their point of view.