E-cigarette disposables have been around for quite some time, and nowadays almost every brand has at least one option available mostly for those who want to give their products a try but without the financial burden of buying an expensive starter kit.

disposable ecigs They are cigarette like devices that are many times individually packed that come pre-charged and pre-filled with e-liquid and they last for as long as 500 puffs. You simply take them out of the box and start enjoying your vaping. You cannot recharge or refill them; therefore once the vapor is gone you simply dispose of them.

They also represent a great alternative for people who are always traveling since they lack all the accessories and fuss of regular starter kits. It’s a quick and simple way to get your nicotine fix and many vapers keep a stash in case of emergencies.

V2 disposables are high quality ecigarettes that let you benefit from a decent vaping experience with minimum investment. They offer a wide range of products to suit most tastes and needs. Their disposables come in two flavors: Traditional (Tobacco) or Menthol. The V2 Cigs Disposables come in 5 packs or 10 packs and are rated for 400 puffs while having only one nicotine level: 1.8%. Zig–Zag Disposables – come in 5packs or 10packs and are rated with 200 or 400 puffs, depending on the version you choose from while having two nicotine levels: 1.8% and 2.4%.

Green Smoke aims towards long term relations and the “Vapors” disposables are almost a perfect representation of what you’ll experience if you purchase one of their ecig starter kits. They come only in 6-packs and you have two amazing flavors to choose from: Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice. The nicotine level is full (1.8%) for both aromas.

Apollo disposables can last up to 500 puffs (with their 280mAh battery) and this is the equivalent of about two packs. They come very close in mimicking actual analogs with a length of 113mm but are just a little fatter in girth. They come in two colors from which you can choose from (black and white), four nicotine levels (Zero, Low, Medium and High) and 5 amazing flavors: Tobacco, Coffee, Cherry, Menthol and Vanilla.

Eversmoke disposables last for as long as 500 puffs, each of these devices are equivalent to about two packs of real cigarettes. Classic tobacco will definitely make a good impression, but if you love mint aroma then you should check out their Menthol versions. They only come with a single nicotine strength, but that’s not entirely bad because it’s the same as a normal cigarette.

Blu Cigs disposables come in a predominant black color and they also have the signature blue-colored LED tip that lights up each time the user vapes. Classic Tobacco has a nicotine level of approximately 20-24mg while Magnificent Menthol has approximately 17-24mg.

With a price of only $14.95 for a pack of four disposables, Vapor King offers one of the best deals around. They only come in two flavors (Tobacco and Menthol) and only one nicotine level of 16mg. This is about the same as regular cigarettes and while rated at 500 puffs each, they might last as long as 2 packs of analogs.

7’s knows the importance of disposables e-cigarettes and it offers some of the best deals. They have completely redesigned these one piece models with powerful 280mAh batteries and long lasting reservoirs. With a height of 116.8 mm and a total weight of 14.17g they are very well balanced and offer a feel and look quite like the real cigarettes. Flavor-wise, they offer a wide variety of aromas: from the classical tobacco and menthol flavors to some of the most adored in the vaping community like blueberry, apple and vanilla. Each of them comes in high (18mg) nicotine rating, which will be sure to satisfy a majority of smokers out there looking to switch.