Electronic cigarettes are experiencing a worldwide boom and sales in the US alone have surpassed the $2.2 billion limit this year alone. Being so popular, they have raised a bit of controversy with many public bans all in cities all across the country and increasing debated on their safety and regulations. But all this commotion can sometimes produce collateral damage, and vapers are sometimes the victims of these ‘guilty until proven innocent’ types of bans.

cig a like ecigs We are all waiting for our vacations in order to relax and get away from it all, and what better companion to take with us on these lovely trips if not our trusty vaporizers? At the same time, even though the adored smoke, ash and tar free, nicotine delivery devices are often labeled as being less hazardous than their tobacco counterparts, the situation for where people traveling may actually use them can be a bit hazy sometimes.

If you want to travel by plane, you should be aware that even though not all aircrafts have clear regulations and signs prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes, the Department of Transportation is convinced the already en forced on-board tobacco smoking ban on internal and external flights of domestic and foreign airline companies is enough to include a prohibition on the vaping of these electronic devices too. ‘We are finalizing a rule that will address whether we should amend the existing regulatory text to explicitly ban use of electronic cigarettes aboard commercial airline flights. DOT expects the final rule will be published in the Federal Register in early 2015,’ said a spokesperson from the department.

And while you might find e-cigarettes being sold at some airport newsstands, their use inside the perimeter may be prohibited with the exception of the specially designated zones. The Hudson Group newsstands and only a few airport shops operated by Paradies sell electronic cigarettes besides other products. But when it comes to using them, for instance when in Los Angeles, the rules are pretty clear. Because the city prohibits electronic cigarettes inside public buildings, ‘the public is prohibited from using e-cigarettes within 20 feet of entrances to terminals, office buildings, and other on-airport properties,’ said a LAX spokesperson. On some other US airports, the use of ecigs falls under the unit’s tobacco policy but most encourage vapers to use the same vaping lounges as tobacco users, inhaling the same second-hand smoke they are trying to avoid.

When inside your hotel, although some units sell them inside their minibars, usually they fall under the same regulation as tobacco products and their use is forbidden with the exception of your room and the designated smoking zones. But be careful that some hotel even prohibit the use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes inside the rooms also, therefore it’s best to check out the policy of each unit before puffing.

Travelling at sea, American Cruise Lines, for example, does not have an official policy in place for e-cigarette use, but ‘for our smoking passengers there is a designated area on the top deck of each of our ships. In the event we have a passenger who does use e-cigs or vapes, we encourage them to go up to the top deck as well,’ said a company representative.