Many smokers know that their habit is very hazardous for their health and they are probably looking for a healthier alternative to get their nicotine fix. But gum and patches don’t usually work, as these devices don’t come even close to the comfort offered by puffing on a cigarette, so are rendered useless after a few tries.

ecigarette disposable Smoking causes lung cancer and other health complications that put the smoker’s life at risk, hence the need for addicted smokers to find effective ways of ceasing smoking permanently. Luckily the e-cigarette market is rapidly expanding and there are a lot of brands competing to offer their customers the ultimate smoking-similar experience. Electronic cigarettes not only mimic the real cigarette but can adjust the levels of nicotine, which makes it easy for an individual to reduce his or her intake.

But because many brands sell their ecigarettes in starter kits, it may seem like a lot to pay for a device, only to test if it works for you or not.  This is where electronic cigarette disposables step in and really shines. A disposable ecig is usually a bit longer than an analog cigarette (usually around 125 mm) and although you can buy them online, a lot of people think about buying them at their local convenience stores for a few dollars more because of the instant gratification factor and as a means of giving these types of devices a try.

An electronic cigarette has a disposable cartomizer and it replicates the sensation of having a real cigarette in your hand since it burns out like an analog but at a considerably lower speed. Since a smoker wants to experience the feeling of smoking, using this device regularly makes him or her feel as if they smoke, when they actually do not inhale huge amounts of nicotine but only e-liquid vapor.

The disposable usually comes individually packed and it has a fully charged automatic battery, that’s going to deliver your nicotine fix from the first few puffs. They usually contain roughly the nicotine equivalent of two packs of analog cigarettes, so you can usually expect to puff on one for at least a couple of days before the juice or battery runs out.

They can be bought at pretty good deals compared to the two packs of cigarettes they replace. They also offer a great way of getting to know a brand’s flavor and vapor production (you have to keep in mind though, that most of the times the devices that come in starter kits offer better performance than the disposables at all chapters).

Changing cartridges, charging batteries, and staying on top of your e-cigarette gear can sometimes not be ideal, so when you’re traveling, make sure to bring disposable e-cigarettes along with you.

Also it’s great to keep a few around the house in case of power outages, emergencies or natural disasters. You don’t have to worry about anything, just open the package and they’re ready to go.

At the same time, if you lose your disposable or it gets stolen, it’s not the end of the world; this is why it’s great to have one when having fun in the park with your bike or skateboard, at concerts or in clubs.

The disposable can be a very reliable companion and for most vapers it’s the first thing they come in contact with when making the switch.