Believe it or not, but most vapers don’t really know there are two types of ecigarettes when it comes to batteries. Many start out with the automatic version from most starter kits and are not aware that there is another option that has its pros and cons.

You are probably looking for the best model to suit your needs and you still don’t know the difference between these two models. In order to help you make the best choice, here are some facts about the automatic battery vs manual battery.

A woman smokes an E-cigarette, an electronic substituteAutomatic ecigarettes are definitely the most popular and they come with most starter kits. They are powered by drag and have a built-in switch that automatically turns on each time you inhale from your device. They are also very good at mimicking real cigarettes, from their filter-like cartomizers to the red LEDs at the end that lit up every time you draw. Hands free and fuss free, if you are looking for a healthier alternative on giving up smoking, this might just be the model for you. They are so good at copying analogs that many people won’t even tell the difference and you’ll be easily mistaken for a real smoker.

You can just screw the cartomizer and battery together and you are ready to puff your favorite flavor, just like in your smoking days. These devices have also lower energy consumption and you’ll be able to enjoy it more without the need to recharge.

But of course there are some downsides to these automatic models. The first and most important is that their batteries are not completely sealed. This means that they can easily short circuit when your overfilled cartridge leaks out some ejuice. If you use prefilled cartomizers then the chances are not that high, but they still exist. Some companies have introduced a sealed battery, that offers greater protection but these too are not completely eliquid-proof.

Another problem related to these devices is that they are sometimes activated by external factors (wind, loud music) without the user knowing. You might find yourself with the battery depleted without even puffing once and that could be really frustrating.

The last downside is that in order to enjoy a mouthful of vapor you must first draw small puffs in order to heat up the atomizer. On the other hand this might not be a problem for most users because they are constantly puffing on their device, but some cheaper models often require a lot of drags before activating the atomizer.

Manual batteries work in a slightly different way. You need to keep a button pressed each time you drag from the device, but that gives you a range of advantages. The first one is that there is no need for primer puffs in order to enjoy a nice, thick cloud of vapor. Manual ecigarettes are also eliquid proof because they have completely sealed batteries so you could experiment most vaping techniques.  It gives you more control over your device and that is very appreciated by more sophisticated users.

But these models are not perfect and they have their downsides too. Most devices don’t have a power off switch and they can easily be activated while in your pocket or facing down on the puff button. This can really deplete your battery and cause serious damage to your ecigarette. Also they tend to run out of charge a lot faster than automatics, because of the extra seconds required to prime the atomizer.

As you can see, both have their pros and cons and it’s up to you to figure out exactly what kind of device will suit your personal needs.