What kind of Advanced Personal Vaporizer should I buy?

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Mechanical mods and advanced personal vaporizers are dominating the e-cigarette market and every day more and more users leave their cig-a-like behind for a more powerful mod that takes the whole vaping experience to a new level. Advanced personal vaporizers are essentially big electronic cigarettes that use circuitry, microchips, sensors and boards to control their performance and make adjustments depending on situation.

These devices are more suitable for a beginner as opposed to their mechanical mod counterparts because they are simpler to use and have a lot of safety features. However, with so many similar devices on the market today it’s rather hard to decide on which one to purchase.

evic modRanging from $30 to over $100, these vaporizers offer a lot of features in order to help vapers find their sweet spot regardless of the battery and atomizer or tank they are using. From variable voltage, to variable wattage and even both at the same time, AVPs give you the ultimate control and let you fine-tune the whole vaping experience.

The output voltage of the battery has a very direct effect on the vapor production and flavor, and this is why, the first ever advanced vaporizers took advantage of this feature. By allowing the user to control the output voltage for example from 3.3 to 5 volts in .1 increments, these devices give the best chances of getting the same taste and flavor from different types of atomizers or tanks by using the same mod.

A step further from the variable voltage is the variable wattage, which works even better at finding the perfect setting for a satisfying vape. While some people still argue which one of these features is more reliable, some manufactures decided to implement them both and let you choose the mode in which the device operates.

Besides these features, new AVPs are even fighting for supremacy on the amount of power they deliver with some models reaching up to 150Watts today. This is absolutely mind blowing and when you pair such a mod with a RDA and a sub-ohm coil build, the results are phenomenal.

Some AVPs have a built-in ohmmeter to read out the resistance of your atomizer or build before putting any electricity though it and thus preventing a small disaster in case you went too far. Others have built in protection that won’t allow them to work with sub-ohm builds or limit their functionality to .5 or .2 Ohms.

Most AVPs have an LCD or OLED display that shows different readings from sensors and work by either two control buttons and a main one or a gravity sensor and a main firing button.

Depending on the budget, there are many types of vaporizers you can afford, but it’s essential to read the full technical specs and some online reviews before making the purchase. Understanding the way it performs and how it works with certain atomizers or batteries is crucial for a satisfying vaping experience. Some allow sub-ohm vaping, other don't, some read out the atomizer resistance, others don’t. It all depends on your necessities and vaping habits but make sure you stay away from knock-offs.

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