Jieshibo Technology Co. creates a Wi-Fi e-cigarette

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The e-cigarette business is quickly evolving and many companies are looking to equip their products with the latest breakthroughs in technology. Though some may feel this technology may be pushing the boundaries with electronic cigarettes, the truth is, there really are no boundaries and this is only a start of what’s to come in the not so distant future.

Already impressive displays of technology can be witnessed from enthusiasts all over the world:

  • Smokio is ‘the world’s first connected electronic cigarette’ and was developed in July 2013, in Paris, France, by a team of young electronics and software enthusiasts who believe that “a simple or small twist can have a tremendous impact”. The device has a small built-in chip that is able to connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and to synchronize all the data it keeps track of.
  • The Supersmoker Bluetooth is the most recent version of what most people tend to call the ‘smart electronic cigarette’. It uses its integrated Bluetooth shield to connect to phone but the new added features separate it from the crowd.
  • The Lotus VapeCase is a case wrapped around your mobile phone that acts as both an added layer of protection and an ecigarette – that allows the same features we have all become used to, such as variable voltage adjustment and power protection.

Given this developments, a Shenzhen company, Jieshibo Technology Co. (JSB), recently announced the accomplishment of a WI-FI e-cigarette. It is a huge technological leap, which revolutionizes the traditional limitations of any wall charger, USB charger, or car charge used in with electronic cigarettes.

Electrons traveling through electric wires or other conducting materials generate magnetic forces perpendicular to the flow of electric powerSmokio smart e-cigarette and any magnetic field perpendicular to the wire generates electric energy in the wire. By twisting a wire into a coil, the magnetic field is then concentrated and focused, thus forming an inductive coil.

With the help of an induction coil mat, that will be available in the kit, recharging your e-cigarette will be very easy. Just place the device on its surface and wait for the battery to reach 100%. JSB’s e-cig will eliminate the need to ensure direct contact with the power supply and battery. Due to its Wi-Fi capabilities, the device is said to have an even greater outdoor range.

If the trend catches on, then this might just be the future of recharging out small electronic devices. Imagine how it would be like for an airport to deliver free Wi-Fi electricity for your phone, tablet, e-cigarette and ipod without the hustle of wires and power adapters.


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